Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Day American Politics Changed

Rick Santelli’s “Rant” Gave Birth To A Movement

On this day in 2009, Rick Santelli gave voice to millions of us who are frustrated and angry at the way this Government has been spending and wasting our money.

To Mr. Santelli, we say “Thank You!” for being the spark that started this new American Revolution, and organizations such as the Tea Party and GOOH.

We’re also mindful that Santelli’s rant had much to do with Obama’s re-distributionist policies, taking away from those who work to give to those who sit on their fat, lazy, government cheese eating behinds all day complaining they don’t have enough – and demand more.

Which is why it’s particularly insulting that yesterday the Obama Administration announced they were going to ram-rod through “Health Care Reform” despite losing three major elections (Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts) to Republican Conservatives, and polling data that shows more than 70% against “ObamaCare.”


Worlds Largest Coal Company Sues U.S. Government Over Climate Fraud

How Long Until AlGore Is Forced To Return Nobel Prize?

The world’s largest private sector coal business, the Peabody Energy Company (PEC) has filed a mammoth 240-page “Petition for Reconsideration,” a full-blown legal challenge against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The petition must be answered and covers the entire body of leaked emails from ‘Climategate’ as well as those other ‘gate’ revelations including the frauds allegedly perpetrated under such sub-headings as ‘Himalayan Glaciers,’ ‘African Agricultural Production,’ ‘Amazon Rain Forests,’ ‘Melting Mountain Ice,’ ‘Netherlands Below Sea Level’ as well as those much-publicized abuses of the peer-review literature and so called ‘gray literature.’ These powerful litigants also draw attention to the proven criminal conduct by climate scientists in refusing to honor Freedom of Information law (FOIA) requests.

Read more at ClimateGate.Com ...

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