Tuesday, February 16, 2010

“Miss Me Yet?” Billboard Sponsors Revealed

They Weren’t All Republican’s!

David Horwitz’s blog NewsReal reveals two of the seven donors that sponsored the now infamous “Miss Me Yet?” billboards that featured a picture of a smiling, waving George W. Bush.



Tuesday the mystery was solved. A political blog, Minessota Democrats Exposed, revealed the names of two of the mystery billboard’s seven sponsors, Mike Rivard and Randy Nugent. Guess what? They weren’t all Republicans. But not a single one would call themselves Democrats, choosing instead Independents.

It looks like that hope and change is beginning to hurt. According to the sponsors, the photo of Bush waving and the “Miss me yet?” text originated as part of a chain e-mail sent among friends. When asked why they chose to post the image, Rivard and Nugent said, “We’re sick of the blame game and (Bush) isn’t so bad compared with what we have now.”

Well, can someone explain this one then?  This seems to be a mood that’s spreading throughout the country, what with 75% of the population angry at Washington DC and all:


Or how about this one along I-41 near Oshkosh Wisconsin?  I drove by this one just last week:


The magic’s definitely rubbed off of Obama.  Wisconsin went big for Obama in 2008, my how the mighty have fallen!


Obama Signs Law Raising Debt Limit – Again!

Democrats Rush To Raise Ceiling For Second Time In Less Than One Year

They hope you’ll forget about it come November, those sneaky Democrats.  Once again, they’ve raised the debt limit for the second time in less than a year, and far ahead of the time that they would’ve been required to do it which not so coincidentally would’ve happened right before the November mid-term elections!

Obama and the Democrats had previously raised the debt limit from $11 trillion to $12.394 trillion, but now they’ve raised it by another nearly $2 trillion dollars to $14.294 trillion dollars, or a grand total of 4 trillion dollars in less than a year!

To put it in perspective, that’s more than George W. Bush added to the national debt in his 8 years in office!

What’s causing all this massive debt?  Among other things, Federal Employee Pensions and Benefits, which are higher than that in the private sector.  We now have more Federal Employees that are Union members than exist in the Private Sector.  And these bastards keep giving themselves more and more at our expense!

Your share as a taxpayer is $113,000 (or roughly 40,000 per citizen.)

Remember that come November!

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