Sunday, February 21, 2010

Glen Beck at CPAC: A Masters Course in American History

Progressivism, The Disease That Ails America

Typically, I think Glen Beck's a nut, a loose cannon, an emotional roller-coaster waiting to careen off my TV screen crashing into a pile of blubber in my living room whenever his show is on.  Really, sometimes I think the guy is just the other side of being able to hold himself together long enough to make a salient point.

But last night at CPAC, he put on a Masters Course in American History.  It was nothing short of a brilliantly articulated tour of the history of America's19th and 20th centuries and our political system.  Don't think for a second he blamed our country's ills on just the Democrats, rather some of his harshest criticism he left for the Republican Party.  Why?  Because a Progressive (or "Liberal", "Communist", "Socialist", "Marxist" or "Redistributionist") by any other name is still a PROGRESSIVE.

Progressives have called themselves all these different things over the last 100 years or so, yet their mission has remained steadfastly the same: to whittle away at the Constitution of the United States of America, and "re-make" it into something else.

For the rest, you'll need to watch the video and we promise you won't be disappointed.

Obama To Ram Through Health Care Bill

Approval Rating At All Time Low

Picture says a thousand words.  Obama’s approval hits an all-time low days after announcing the Democrats would force through health care using a seldom used reconciliation amendment to have the House of Represenatives vote on the Senate’s health care reform bill, in a last, fatal attempt to force all American’s into Socialized medicine.

Can Obama go lower?  YES HE CAN!


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