Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Illinois Primary Results

** Updated As Results Come In **


With 95% of the vote counted, the battle for the Democrat and Republican nominations for Governor of Illinois continues to be a dead heat.

Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady are tied at 20%, less than 600 votes separating them. Andy McKenna (milquetoast RINO) is trailing by more than 7,000 votes and fading. 

Democrats Pat Quinn and Dan Hynes are less than 1% point apart, with Quinn leading by just over 5,000 votes.

Areas remaining to be counted should tend to favor Hynes on the Democrats side, and Dillard on the Republican side.  Counting has slowed, 5% of the vote remains to be counted.


Giannoulis is the winner in the Democrat Senate primaries, managing to buy another election.  This pits him against Congressman Mark Kirk, the winner of the Republican Primaries.  Kirk will mop the floor with Giannoulias come November.  Giannoulias’ “know nothing” cavalier attitude will make him an easy mark for Kirk.

Election results are stuck at 93% waiting for several downstate counties and western DuPage county (Chicago’s far western suburbs) to report final totals.  Until that happens here are the impacts:

IL Governor’s races for both Democrats and Republican’s are in virtual dead heats.  On the Republican side, Dillard and Brady are less than 1% point apart.  On the Democrat side, incumbent Pat Quinn and Dan Hynes are in a dead heat as well. 

Media beginning to question why results have been stuck at 93% for more than 30 minutes now …..

Update 10:10PM

Republican Governor’s primaries have Dillard and Brady duking it out for first place, less than 2,000 votes separate them. McKenna’s run is over, falling to third place by more than a 6,000 vote difference.  With 91% reporting, it looks like McKenna’s out – thankfully – with the race shaping up between Dillard and Brady.  Our pick is Brady to win, but remains to be seen.

Giannoulias is the predicted winner in the Democrat Senate Primaries.  Congratulations Democrats, you nominated a know-nothing nobody who’s about to be indicted by the Fed’s.  See you in November!

Democrat Governor’s race is too close to call, less than 2,000 votes separate Quinn and Hynes with 91% reporting.

Mark Kirk is the superstar of the evening.  He took 60% of the vote “out of the gate” and never had to look back over his shoulder.  We called the race for Kirk early on.  Kirk wins with 56% of the vote and 91% counted.  His closest competitor received 19% of the vote.

Update 10:00PM

Alexi Giannoulias is expected to win the Democrat nomination for U.S. Senate with 86% of the vote in, he’s maintained a 4 point lead the entire night.  Yep, he’s bought himself another election.

On the Republican side, the Governor’s race is in a three way dead heat between Brady, Dillard and McKenna. Brady has taken the lead!! There are less than 3,000 votes separating Brady, Dillard and McKenna, who’s fallen to third place.  Too bad Andy, you milquetoast!

On the Democrat side, the Governor’s race is a statistical dead heat between incumbent Pat Quinn and challenger Dan Hynes.  Expect Hynes to pull the race off now that Chicago votes are being counted, and downstate appears to be finished.

More at 10:15PM

Update 9:40PM

IL Democrat primary for U.S. Senate shows Giannoulias holding to a 4% lead, or approximately 30,000 votes with 78% counted.  Still too close to call.

IL Republican Governor’s race is a three way tie between McKenna, Brady and Dillard, less than 3,000 votes separate them.

IL Democrat Governor’s race is a tie between Quinn and Hynes.

Reminder: Mark Kirk was declared the winner in the Republican U.S. Senate primaries.


Update 9:20PM

Three-way tie in the Republican primary for Governor between McKenna, Dillard and Brady.  70% counted, less than 5,000 votes separate the three.

Giammoulias is holding onto a 4% lead in the Democrat Senate primary with 72% reporting.

Pat Quinn and Dan Hynes are tied in the Democrat primary for Governor, race has tightened to a tie with 70% reporting ….

Update 9:00PM

Democrat Senate Race looks to be going to Giannoulias.  With 63% counted, he leads with 38% of the vote compared to Hoffman’s 34%.

Republican Senate Race is locked for Mark Kirk,his lead has been insurmountable all night.

Republican Governor’s race is too close to call.  With 62% of the vote counted, it’s a three way race between Andy McKenna (21%) Kirk Dillard (19%) and Bill Brady (17%).  This is going to be a long night.

Illinois Democrat Governor’s race is now too close to call.  Quinn leads 51% to 49% with 62% in, the race has tightened since our last update. 

Update: 8:45PM

Democrat Primary for U.S. Senate has Giannoulias in the lead with 37% vs. Hoffman’s 33%.  With just about 44% counted, still too close to call.

Mark Kirk remains our projected winner in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate.

Republican Governor’s primary has tightened up, McKenna losing ground to Kirk Dillard.  With 41% counted, McKenna leads 22% to Dillard’s 19%.  Former DuPage County Prosecutor Jim Ryan is at 17%, can’t count him out yet.

Democrat Governor’s primary shows Quinn maintaining his 52% – 47% lead over Dan Hines.  With 43% counted in that race it’s still too close to call, race expected to tighten when downstate votes come in.  Hines is also the son of a Chicago Democrat machine politician, so this race could swing to Hines when the North Side of Chicago is counted..

Update 8:20PM

IL Senate primary Race between Democrats Alexi Giannoulias and Hoffman tightens to within 3%, with 30% of precincts reporting.  Race still too close to call.

In the IL Senate primary race, Mark Kirk expands his lead to 62% vs. all other competitors, this primary race is over, Kirk’s lead and breadth of voters he’s reached is insurmountable. 

IL Republican Governor’s primary race, Andy McKenna (milquetoast, RINO) leads with 26% of the vote with 30% counted. Closest competitor, Jim Ryan, Kirk Dillard and Adam Andrzejewski are at 19%.

IL Democrat Governor primary, Pat Quinn holds a 6% lead at 53%, with 30% counted.  Race technically still too close to call as downstate votes will determine the race.  Hines may catch up downstate.

Update 8:10PM

Mark Kirk running away with the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate with  63% of the vote and 25% counted.  Prediction: Mark Kirk wins Illinois Republican Primary for U.S. Senate.

Andy McKenna, Jim Ryan and Adam Andrzejewski are bunched up in a 3-way race for Governor.  Go Adam Go!

Incumbent (D) Governor Pat Quinn is leading with 53% vs. Dan Hines with just 25% vote counted.

In the Democrat race for US Senate, Alexi Giannoulias has 36% to Doug HOffman’s 32% with just 25% counted.  This looks like a horse race. 

More as results come in ..

7:37pm Record LOW Turnout today in Illinois Gubernatorial and Senate primary races.  Predictions are 20% – 22% turnout today, hampered somewhat by weather in downstate Illinois and the “lakefront liberals” who don’t vote when it’s cold or wet outside

Most watched races:

Illinois Republican Primary, US Senate.  Five candidates ran, U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk from the liberal 10th Congressional District on Chicago’s near North Side is expected to win. 

Illinois Republican Primary, Governor.  No fewer than 6 candidates ran, three “professional politicians” and three “exotics” (the new word for “those without previous experience, looking to take advantage of the anti-Washington or anti-Springfield mentality here in Illinois.)  Andy McKenna, former head of the Illinois Republican Party has been the media front-runner, but don’t be surprised if Dan Proft or Adam Andrezjewski, two outsiders that have criss-crossed the state the last year building their name recognition manage to pull this one out.

Illinois Democrat Primary, US Senate.  Alexi Giannoulius the current State Treasurer will be the run-away winner in the Democrat primaries.  The Giannoulius’ family bank,  “Broadway Bank” is also under investigation by the Fed’s, indictments are expected soon.

Illinois Democrat Primary, Governor.  Current Governor Pat Quinn took over once Rod Blagojevich (now a national JOKE) was impeached by the Illinois House and then indicted by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.  Quinn’s opponent, Dan Hines is a life-long, family bred politician who stepped into his father’s shoes 20 years ago.  Both Democrats have a sense of “entitlement” for the Governor’s mansion and both have promised to raise the state income tax by 50% should they win. 

Updates as they come, polls closed in Illinois 45 minutes go, no projected winners yet.

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