Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What $100 Million in Spending Cuts Looks Like Compared To a $3.7 Trillion Dollar Budget

Symbolism Over Substance Describes Budget "Cuts"

Just how 'massive' are the Cabinet spending cuts that Obama ordered yesterday?

According to White House press-whore Robert Gibbs, $100 million is a 'substantial' amount.  "Only in Washington DC is $100 million dollars considered a small amount" said Gibbs.

Once again, Robert Gibbs shows his incompetence by failing to understand the context of $100 million in 'budget cuts' versus a $3.7 trillion dollar budget.  So here goes, in picture form.  obamacuts

You our reader can determine for yourself just how 'substantial' $100 million in cuts are, compared to the $3.7 TRILLION dollar budget that Obama has proposed for fiscal year 2009.

Now, maybe Robert Gibbs thinks $100 million dollars is 'substantial', and maybe it is if we're talking about winning the Lottery.

But the reality is this: $100 million dollars is the hourly interest that accrues on Obama's $3.7 TRILLION DOLLAR BUDGET.

Or to state it in simpler terms, that's $1,666,666.66 dollars per minute just in interest on Obama's $3.7 TRILLION dollar budget.

I'd darn sure like to know exactly how this country is ever going to pay back its debt when the interest racks up that fast.

And to think Obama has the nerve ... dare we say audacity to declare himself a fiscally responsible President.

When you get your head around these numbers, you then understand exactly what last week's Tax Day Tea Parties were all about.

- NoBamaNation Editor

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