Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Buck Stops ..... Where?

Obama Can't Blame Bush For This Mess!

We are now in Day 5 of the Somali Pirate Hostage Crisis.  If using the term "hostage crisis" rings a bell, chances are you our dear reader remembers the Carter Administration's Iranian Hostage Crisis, which lasted 444 days and ended only as Ronald Wilson Reagan was sworn into office.  As Reagan was being sworn in, the Iranian's hustled the fifty-two (52) American diplomats to a waiting plane out of fear of American retaliation.  You see, the Iranian's viewed Reagan as a strong President, a man of his word and they feared him. 


Fast forward to today, Easter Sunday as four Somali Pirates ("Terrorists" by any other name) literally hold the United States Navy, the strongest Navy in the world, at bay via a lifeboat and four rifles.

Ask yourself this question, "why are they doing this?"  The answer is simple: they view Obama, a "community organizer" turned President as weak.  With each passing moment that these four "pirates" (again, terrorists by any other name) keep the US Navy at bay, they gain strength in the eyes of the despots of the world.

And why not?  North Korea launched a rocket over a U.S. ally just last weekend and what happened?  The United States of America went on bended knee to the Useless Nations for what?  Another "resolution?"  Try another 'resolution' that not only wasn't passed, it never materialized.  The Useless Nations did nothing to reprimand North Korea.3423806769_c179e2bdce_o

Armed with this information, we now have Somali Pirates  (Terrorists) holding not one American hostage, but 16 across two vessels.  So what is the Obama Administration to do?

Well, for starters they trot out Hillary Clinton to express her "concern" and "disappointment."  Her feeble attempts to 'rally the world' to fight these terrorists has failed, MISERABLY.  The 'world' isn't coming to America's rescue.  Why should they?  They aren't helping us in Iraq or Afghanistan either so why should they help the most powerful Navy in the world rescue American hostages?

Which brings us to Obama. Why is the White House silent, and what orders were issued to the U.S. Navy?

As someone who's never served in the military, I had what I thought was a reasonable question for my friends who have, or currently are serving.  That question was this: "Why when Captain Richard Phillips jumped out of the life raft weren't the four Somali pirates blown out of the water?" 

Their answer didn't surprise me, as each speculated that while the Captain of any Naval vessel has full command and control authority in life and death situations, it was very likely that orders were issued not to take out the Somali Pirates if the opportunity arose due to the Administration not wanting to appear as "bullies" to the rest of the world for exercising our power against four terrorists with rifles.

So our linkage to the Carter years in starting today's commentary appears to be entirely correct.  We have a weak Commander in Chief that is hiding behind a Socialist/Marxist Secretary of State.  Furthermore, we also have a return to Clinton-era policies that treat terrorists as 'criminals' under U.S. Law.

Need we remind you our reader that it was that same approach that allowed 19 terrorists to train to fly airplanes into buildings under Bill Clinton's watch, with nothing done to stop them even when the FBI raised the alert.

This same mentality along with Obama's Jimmy-Carter like inexperience and narcissistic tendencies may very likely result in another hostage crisis that makes America looks weak and will take decades to recover from.

The only question left in my mind is, will this one last longer or less than 444 days?  I wonder what the over-under is in Vegas.

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