Monday, April 20, 2009

Greedy VP Joe Biden Getting Social Security Stimulus Payment

More Democrat Hypocrisy: Do As We Say, Not As We Do!

Vice President Joe Biden announced last month that Social Security recipients will begin receiving their one-time $250 "economic stimulus checks" beginning in May. In his announcement, the Veep said that Social Security recipients needed these checks.

What the typically big-mouthed, unable to keep National Security secrets Veep failed to mention is that he will be one of those recipients!

Does the V.P. of the United States of American really NEED a $250 "stimulus check" or is he acting out of sheer greed? Let's examine the facts.

Fact #1, Joe Biden began collecting Social Security benefits in fiscal 2008 when he turned 66 years old and as a sitting U.S. Senator made in excess of $169,0000 plus perks and benefits as a sitting U.S. Senator. The Biden's combined income for 2008 was $253,866.

Fact #2, Joe Biden will make more than $227,000 as Vice President. The Biden's combined income is expected to be over $400,000 for 2009.

Fact #3, according to Biden's tax returns for fiscal 2008, he collected $6,534 in Social Security benefits in 2008. Social Security spokeswoman Kia Green said that for 2008, Social Security beneficiaries could earn up to $13,560 without their benefits being taxed. That cap jumps to $14,160 in 2009.

Given the Democrats mantra of "shared sacrifice" and re-distribution of wealth policies, it only stands to reason to hold Joe Biden to the same 'standard' that Democrats are holding this country's CEO's and CFO's to by asking a very simple question:

Does Joe Biden need that $250 "stimulus check" and does he need to collect Social Security?

Here we have yet another case of Democrat HYPOCRISY and the "Do As We Say, Not As We Do" mentality that is ruining this country.

Finally, isn't this yet another prime example of Governmental largesse and the lack of fiscal judgement that's driving this Administration's Socialist/Marxist fiscal policies?

You bet it is, no wonder there were more than 600 Tea Parties nationwide last week with nearly 1,000,000 people attending. I suspect as information such as the above continues to leak out, the Federal Government is going to feel even more heat.

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