Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Roesgen BUSTED At Chicago Tea Party

Sometimes the story AFTER the story is the most interesting.

Here you'll see what happened AFTER Susan Roesgen signed-off CNN from the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party.  Many in the crowd WERE NOT happy with her "reporting" and let her know all about it.

Here's the proof of what we said in this very blog the other day:  Susan Roesgen was not at the Tea Party to report the news, she was there to MAKE the news.  This video proves it.

In this world, there are liars and there are Damn'ed Liars.  Susan Roesgen is a Damn'ed Liar.  She wasn't 'attacked' at the Chicago Tea Party, she was the attacker.

As one rally participant pointed out, there was no respect for CNN at the rally as CNN (via Susan Roesgen) certainly did not respect those who came to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Another example of why CNN's ratings are in the crapper.  If you're like me and you think it's high time the media simply REPORTED the news and stopped insulting us by telling us what to think then we urge you to join the Fire Susan Roesgen Facebook Site!  Click on the picture below to join and make your voice heard!


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