Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama's Actions Guarantee Another 9/11 Style Attack in America

The Advocate

Herb Denenberg, The Philadelphia Bulletin

President Barack Obama has taken more steps to guarantee another 9/11 attack on America. He did that by forbidding enhanced interrogations that have already prevented a second 9/11 in Los Angeles. But it gets worse.

He issued the interrogation memo but edited out everything that documented how enhanced interrogation works. So he not only guaranteed more terrorist attacks on America but, in a single stroke, also committed a massive fraud by censoring out the effectiveness information. If anyone ought to be investigated for actions that damage America, it is not the Bush administration, but none other than President Obama.

And to further compound the crime, he calls for an investigation of those responsible for enhanced interrogation to be conducted by Attorney General Eric Holder. He’s the chap that, along with former Attorney General Janet Reno, created the wall between the FBI and CIA, which caused our failure to detect the 9/11 plot. Bill O’Reilly was on target when he said Mr. Holder was nothing more than a partisan and an incompetent … who distinguished himself by improperly sanctioning the pardoning of terrorists and a fugitive from justice.

With that kind of activity piling up, it should be obvious to the most casual observer the Obama administration and the mainstream media have teamed up in a combination that is on an almost certain path to destroy America. The Obama administration is letting loose with every kind of radical program, and the mainstream media is providing them with perfect cover, translating the most dangerous radicalism into seemingly mainstream policy. They are selling the presidential fraud that is Mr. Obama. They were responsible for electing him, and are now using their biased journalism to sell his programs.

The Obama moves so far have set us on a course to provide financial disaster, with unsustainable debt already here and back-breaking taxes in our near future. The Obama administration has already started to destroy our security, by displaying incredible weakness, and presenting Barack “The Apologizer and Appeaser” Obama. Most recently, the release of the documents relating to enhanced interrogation informs terrorists, destroys morale at the CIA and sets off a Banana Republic scene of criminalizing political positions and criminalizing lawyers whose opinions the Obama administration disagrees with. President Obama has, in effect, called for a witch hunt and show trial. The total insanity is demonstrated by holding lawyers criminally responsible for their legal advice and legal opinions. This means all of our lawyers are going to jail, but it also means that too many of our politicians have flipped their wigs.

It means our intelligence service will be run by a bunch of lawyers instead of by spies. There will be the kind of intelligence paralysis we initiated in the 1970s that led to our being unprepared for the likes of 9/11.

There is another disconcerting aspect of the famed Obama flip-flop on prosecuting those responsible for the memos on interrogation. President Obama’s prior theme was that we have to look forward and not back. His chief of staff and press secretary both said there would be no prosecution of the CIA personnel who carried out the advice in the interrogation memos and of the lawyers and others responsible for the memos. Then President Obama suddenly changed his mind and passed the matter to Mr. Holder for his disposition. This suggests President Obama is buckling under pressure from left-wing radical pressure groups, the base of the Obama support, who want blood from the Bush administration.

The president is a total leftist and radical, and he is being nudged even further off the looney left cliff by the likes of, George Soros, and the rest of the most radical elements in American politics. This has turned into criminalizing the previous presidential administration and another senseless distraction from the major issues of our time, like the war on terror and the economy.

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