Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why Obama Will Never Be President - In His Own Words

We live in a world of growing Russian aggression.  Europe faces a future where Russia can simply "choke off" it's natural gas and oil supplies, while Russian troops sit in the breakaway, Democratic Republic of Georgia.  The Ukraine faces similar actions from Russia, and recently Poland was threatened with Nuclear attack by Russia after Poland accepted the nuclear missile shield, designed to stop ICBM's coming from the Middle East.

Russia has threatened the United States by continuing to provide nuclear technology to Iran, and has attempted to block all U.N. actions by the United States, aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Iran has threatened allies of the United States including France and Israel.  Iran's leader has openly called for the destruction of Israel - the sole Democracy in the Middle East.

With the rise of Russian Imperialism threatening freedom and democracy on the European continent, do we really want Barak Hussein Obama's world-view sitting in the White House?

Remember, this is Obama in his own words.

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