Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama/Biden Confirmed (We were right!)

So much for "change."

On Tuesday August 19th, NoBamaNation predicted an Obama/Biden ticket.

Here they are, the Democrat Party's "dream team" for 2008.

Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his running mate

All we can say in response is ...


Mr. 143 Days of Experience picks Mr. Hair Plug for Men to be his running mate in the 2008 election.

Isn't Biden the same guy who was chastised by the Libeal Lamestream Media for calling Barak Hussein Obama "Clean" and "Articulate" early on in the primaries?  Wasn't Biden accused of "racism" when he did so?  Yes, he was.

Now Mr. Hair Plug joins the "Clean" and "Articulate" Barak Hussein Obama on the Democratic Party ticket.

Here's just a sample of Biden's history of racial comments:

In this clip, Joe Biden talks about not being able to go into a 7-11 Convenience store or a Dunkin' Donuts without having a "slick Indian accent."


During an interview on Fox News, Joe Biden brags that Delaware was a "slave state" as a way to ingratiate himself with Southern voters:


During one of the first Democrat Party Presidential Debates, Joe Biden thinks Gun Owners should have their heads examined:

And finally having seen the above, can anyone reasonably conclude that Joe Biden didn't mean "clean" and "articulate" as a racial offense?  Here he tries explaining it away, but given Joe Biden's history of racial slurs, are you - a potential Democrat Obama-Biden voter really going to buy this pap?


And finally, what does Joe Biden really think about Barak Obama?  We think he said it best in the second Democrat Party Debate:


Some things are just too funny for words, but on a very serious note, on November 5th, 2008 the United States will wake up to a McCain/Romney Presidency.

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