Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obama Supporter P. Diddy "McCain Is Bugging The F*** Out"

It doesn't get any better than this.  Here we see major Obama supporter and campaign contributor "P. Diddy" complaining about Sarah Palin not being qualified for President.

Problem for "Mr. Diddy" is that Sarah Palin is running for V.P.

Now if Sarah Palin, who has 100% more Executive Experience than Barak Hussein Obama and Joe Biden combined isn't qualified to be Vice President, then what does that make Mr. Diddy's "homey" Barak Hussein Obama?


Some things are just too funny, Sarah Palin doesn't understand "crack heads" as if that's a qualification to be President?  Maybe that's why Bill Clinton was the "first black President" ... perhaps he understood crackheads?

If anything, P. Diddy purports to represent the school of black thought in this election.  Sad when one thinks about it.

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