Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do You Know Enough To Elect Barak Hussein Obama?

This ad is running in Virginia and is getting alot of attention from the Obama-Biden campaign.  It perfectly exposes Obama's sympathies towards anti-American groups and likely explains Obama's "blame America first" attitude.  You may recall when Rick Warren asked Obama "does evil exist in the world?" during last weekend's Saddleback Forum that Obama first looked at the United States of America as the perpetrator of evil saying "there's evil in the streets of America."  (See Sat. 8/16 post on this blog.)

Obama's relationship with William Ayers has been well documented in the Chicago Newspapers and the National Review.  In fact Obama's first campaign for the Illinois State Legislature was started in William Ayer's home.  Ayers held fundraisers for Obama as he first started his political career and again as he ran for the U.S. Senate.

Evil does exist, and it's friends with Barak Obama as demonsrated in the following clip:

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The Obama Camp is so upset about the truth coming out, they've issued a statement of their own, without refuting a single FACT in the ad above.  In their solicitation, they include a link to email the TV Stations in Virginia running the ad asking their supporters to contact them to stop running the ad:


Tell Virginia TV stations this kind of garbage shouldn’t run on the public’s airwaves

Contact TV Stations in Virginia

To get started, Click the "Participate" button.

Tell Virginia TV stations this kind of garbage shouldn’t run on the public’s airwaves

Some stations are running a full-fledged attack ad from a right-wing group connected to John McCain that pulls in every baseless lie and re-hashed false assertion in the playbook to smear Barack Obama.

Contact Virginia TV stations and tell them not to let this trash pollute another election.

Our online tool will help you share your voice.

To begin, click Participate. We’ll provide you with talking points on this potentially illegal hit ad to help guide you through the process.


Note: NoBamaNation encourages all our readers to click the link below and use Obama's email system to send a thank you note to the Virginia TV Stations that have the courage to tell the truth about Obama.  Please be polite in your messages and encourage them to keep it up!

Use Obama's Email System To Thank Virginia TV Stations for being brave enough to tell the truth!

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