Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rasmussen Poll: 53% Of White American's Believe Obama Dollar Bill Comment Is Racist

In what we can only call "backlash" for trying to guilt "White America" into voting for him, Rasmussen's latest pollobd  shows that 53% of White American's view Obama's "Dollar Bill" comments as patently racist and offensive to them.

This is big trouble for Barak Hussein Obama. 

The same poll showed:

There were also significant partisan divides. Democrats were evenly divided as to whether the McCain commercial was racist, and they were also evenly divided on the Obama comment. Republicans, by an 87% to 4% margin, rejected the notion that the McCain campaign ad was racist. But, by a 67% to 26% margin, GOP voters believe that Obama’s comment was racist.

Unaffiliated voters, by a five-to-one margin, said the McCain ad was not racist. By a much narrower 50% to 38% margin, unaffiliateds viewed Obama’s comment as racist.

In the same Rasmussen poll, 22% of voters believe that most American's are racist.  That view is shared by nearly one-third of Democrats (32%) and just 20% of "independent" voters and 12% of Republican's.

Black voters are evenly divided (50%/50%) on this very question.

I guess this is what Barak Hussein Obama views as "Unity" and "Racial Progress."  His own party, the People's Democratic Party inherently believes that the majority of this Country are just a bunch of bitter Bible believing, gun toting buffoons.

If that's true, you my reader will see the "Wilder Effect" in full force this November.  All the polls that show Obama leading will be woefully wrong and we'll see a McCain landslide.

As far as just who injected the issue of "race" into this campaign and is trying to guilt White American's into voting for him- we'll let Barak Hussein Obama's own words speak for him.


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