Sunday, August 10, 2008

Obama Campaign: New Media Protocol - All Questions In Writing - In Advance!

From the Arizona Conservative:


    The Obama campaign announced that from now on all media questions must be submitted in writing, in advance.

    “Too many trick questions are being asked,” said Harvey Sain, deputy media specialist for the Obama campaign. “The Senator’s message is getting lost in the media’s demand for answers to trivial matters. Iraq, Iran, drilling, taxes…these petty concerns should not be allowed to distract voters from our promise of hope and change.”

    Sain also questioned the motives of reporters asking such questions. “Are they shills for McCain?” Sain asked. “Or are they closet racists? Either way, we’re putting a stop to it. Nothing must be allowed to derail this train.”

Does this come as a surprise to anyone?  The Messiah Obama has declared that his message of "Hope" and "Change" will not be convoluted by such important question as "Didn't the surge in Iraq work, Mr. Obama and why have you been silent on Iraq since your return?"

Or how about "Mr. Obama, about this "tire inflating" thing are you disputing the findings of Car & Driver Magazine which says you're completely wrong as to the amount of gasoline properly inflated tires would save?  Can you reasonably expect Americans to know how to inflate their tires?"

Let's try something more serious.  "Mr. Obama - You've injected race into the Presidential Election twice now. First by saying "They" are going to try and make you afraid of me."  Who is "they?"  Second, about that "I don't look like the other Presidents on the Dollar Bills."  Mr. ObamOBAMA-INCOMPETENTa, are you aware that there is only ONE President on the Dollar Bill, and that his name is George Washington?"

And just for giggles let's add one more "Mr. Obama - How many of the 57 states have you not been to yet.  Can you name them?"

What we are witnessing is the last bit of cover-up for an empty suit candidate who speaks eloquently and in platitudes when reading from a script, but can't answer a simple question posed from the "mainstream" media on any of his "plans" for change.

This same "empty suit" with 143 days of Executive experience wants to be President?

Can you imagine Putin or worse, Ahmenidjad or Kim Jung-Il telling Obama to to piss up a rope when he "tells" them to stop invading Georgia, stop building Nukes and stop being a nuclear proliferations agent?

This isn't just a new "media protocol", it's a complete cover-up for Barak Hussein Obama's complete inability to answer direct questions which directly expose his lack of experience to be President of the United States!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Barak Hussein Obama is Dangerously Incompetent to be President of the United States.

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