Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who's Responsible For The Financial Meltdown?

While Democrats Shunned Responsibility, McCain Tried To Reform Fannie/Freddie

Barak Obama likes to say he "wrote a letter" to the Treasury Secretary to reign-in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but has NEVER been able to produce the letter he wrote.  Neither has Obama been able to convene one of the very Senate Banking Sub-Committee's, of which HE IS IN CHARGE, to investigate the fraud that Fannie & Freddie committed against the American Taxpayers.

Now, who did write a letter in an attempt to try and get Congress to investigate the fraud that was being perpetrated on the American Taxpayers?  John McCain, and here's the proof.  Note that NONE of the signatures on this letter are of Barak Obama, or ANY Democrat with authority in the last 2 years to investigate Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac:



So where exactly IS that letter that Barak Hussein Obama claims to have written?

Once again, the reality is there is only ONE Candidate for President that has truly fought for the American Taxpayer - and that's John S. McCain.



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