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Did Obama Really Write "Dreams of my Father?"

An analysis of Dreams of my Father and Weather Underground Terrorist William Ayers' Fugitive Days reveals Ayers as the Ghost Writer for Obama's Memoir

How is it a relatively unaccomplished writer with no history of publishing anything - despite being the editor of the Harvard Law review - was able to write what Time Magazine called the "best written memoir ever produced by an American Politician?" 

Simple, Obama didn't write it.  Despite Obama's claims that Weather Underground Terrorist William Ayers was just some "guy down the block" an analysis of Ayers book "Fugitive Days" and Obama's "Dreams of my Father" proves that Ayers wasn't just some "guy down the block" - Ayers wrote Obama's memoir.

Jack Cashill is an investigative author who's been writing extensively on this subject and just two days ago he wrote an article proving Obama couldn't possibly have authored his "memoirs."

Prior to 1990, when Barack Obama contracted to write Dreams From My Father, he had written very close to nothing.

As an undergraduate at Occidental College, Obama had composed what he calls some “very bad poetry,” and he does not sell himself short.

In 1981, Occidental’s literary magazine published two of Obama’s poems—“Pop” and “Underground.” These poems are only a little sillier than the average undergraduate’s, but they show not a glint of promise. From “Underground”:

Under water grottos, caverns

Filled with apes

That eat figs.

Stepping on the figs

That the apes

Eat, they crunch.

The apes howl, bare

Their fangs, dance . . .

Los Angeles media critic Kevin Roderick rightly described the exposure of Obama’s two published poems as a “semi-cruel exercise."

In a similar spirit, the Independent of London headlined its article on Obama’s early poetry, “Pop goes myth of Obama the young prodigy.”

It would be another decade before Obama had anything in print and this a heavily edited, unsigned student case comment in the Harvard Law Review unearthed by Politico.

Attorneys who reviewed the piece for Politico described it charitably as “a fairly standard example of the genre.”

Of note, Politico observes that “the temperate legal language doesn't display the rhetorical heights that run through his memoir, published a few years later.”

But then somehow, those few years later, this 33 year-old amateur with no paper trail beyond a hack legal note and a poem about fig-stomping apes produced what Time Magazine has called--with a straight face-- “the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.”

The public is asked to believe that Obama did this on his own, almost as though he were some sort of literary idiot savant. I don’t buy this canard for a minute.

Read the rest at Jack Cashill's Website

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