Tuesday, October 7, 2008

CNN Finds Extensive Ties Between OBama, Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers (Weather Underground)

Obama's Claim Ayers "Just Some Guy In The Neighborhood" Is A Lie

Finally, someone in the "mainstream media" goes off and does the homework that many of us in the Blogging community did some time ago.  CNN actually does the homework and uncovers the OBama/Ayers connection. 

Despite OBama saying William Ayers (the founding member of Weather Underground - a domestic Terrorist group that bombed the Pentagon and Capital) was "just a guy in the neighborhood" the fact is OBama's and Ayers relationship is much deeper than OBama has admitted.

As this blog reported, OBama's first political fundraiser for his US Senate Run was in William Ayers' home.  Ayers was responsible for helping raise more than $500,000 for Obama through Ayer's connections.  Ayers also helped Obama's "former" Pastor Jeremiah "God Damn' America!" Wright financially, and is linked with both Obama and Wright.

Obama has been far less than truthful in his statements pertaining to his relationship with a domestic terrorist who's responsible for countless injuries and deaths of innocent American's on our own soil.

It's a matter of judgement, and here we have another documented case of OBama lying about his relationships with some pretty shady characters.

This video runs about 4:30, and speaks for itself.

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