Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Obama Position on Gun Control

Obama says that he'll protect American Citizen's rights to own firearms for the purposes of hunting and target practice.

But the Second Amendment isn't about shooting ducks or simple "target practice."

The Second Amendment is about the ability of American Citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government and self defense.

While serving as an Illinois Junior State Senator, Barack Obama voted against the right of Illinois Citizens to carry firearms to protect themselves.  Today, Chicago is the murder capital of the country.  Only the gang's have guns in Chicago.

Obama also voted to ban the sale of handguns across Illinois, voted to ban the sale of handguns within five miles of any school or public park in Illinois, and voted "present" on a law which would provide mandatory sentencing for any gang member who used a handgun while committing a crime.

Present?  Obama couldn't even vote to punish gang members who used guns?  Nothing racial about that at all now is there?

So what will happen to your right to use a gun to defend youself under an Obama Presidency?  Watch and learn.


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