Saturday, October 4, 2008

Biden's List of Lies From The VP Debate

Assist from CNN helps cover up "Lies" and "Mis-statements"

Biden Better Than You Whatever happened to objective journalism in this country anyway?  Isn't it bad enough that Gwen Ifill hid the fact that she was releasing a pro-Obama book in January 2009 - on Inauguration day? Now we have CNN and other members of the "mainstream media" covering up his lies and deceptions.

This video from Breitbart.TV is a compilation of Biden's gaffe's, lies and mis-statements from the VP debate.  (Credit Breitbart)

 Most notable:

- Katies Restaurant hasn't been in business for 15 years.  That would make it hard to go with Biden to Katies to talk to his constituents.

- "Joey" Danko would do anything for Joe Biden, but wouldn't talk about his financial situation and why he couldn't state the cost of a gallon of gas.

- "Barak (Obama) never said he'd sit down with the President of Iran" (when in fact Obama did)

- "Go into Home Depot where I spend alot of time" - None of Home Depot's in or near Wilmington Delaware can verify Biden had ever been there.

There are of course more - but after this latest list of lies, gaffe's and mis-statements why should the American Public trust Joe Biden?

The fact is, Joe Biden isn't ready to be Vice President!

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