Sunday, October 19, 2008

John Murtagh, child victim of William Ayers speaks out

The Link of Obama-Ayers Exposed as a direct victim of Ayers terrorist acts speaks out

The question on the table is about Obama's Judgement.  Not as an 8 year old when Ayers committed his heinous, terrorist attacks against his fellow Americans, rather Obama's Judgement as a 30+ year old in associating with a known, unrepentant terrorist in William Ayers.

John Murtagh was nine (9) years old when Ayers and his Weather Underground terrorist buddies sent and detonated 4 bombs to the Murtagh home. 

Hear in his own words how Obama is a hypocrite for trying to distance himself from Ayers, and how Obama knew about Ayer's terrorist past.

While you're viewing, think about this question: How is it General Colin Powell, who fought against terrorists, could endorse a terrorist enabling Barack Obama for President.

But Powell says it's not about "race."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, You've made up my mind, I'm voting for Barack Obama