Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Three Facts Demonstrate Why Obama Is Worse Than Carter

Who Were Those Idiots On TV Last Night Chanting “4 More Years!”

While I can certainly find more than three facts, these three facts demonstrate in a clear, understandable and undisputed manner why Barack Hussein Obama is a worse President than Jimmy Carter:

  1. Under Jimmy Carter, unemployment averaged 7.8%. Under Obama, unemployment has averaged 8.2% the past 41 months. In fact, under Obama unemployment peaked at 10.2%, a peak that the Carter Administration as bad as it was, never reached.
  2. Under Jimmy Carter, 1 in every 8 home mortgages was in trouble. Under Obama, 1 in almost 5 mortgages are in trouble. Contributing to the damage, Obama himself sued bank’s in Chicago forcing them to loan money to people who could never prove their income, or demonstrate capability to pay those loans back.  Here the President himself “set the table” for the housing bubble, then proceeded to blame everyone but himself for the damage he himself helped cause!
  3. Under Jimmy Carter, less than 20% of American's relied on some form of Federal Assistance (Food Stamps, Welfare) while under Obama, over 50% of American's now rely on some form of Federal Assistance. In fact, reliance on Food Stamps has DOUBLED under Barack Hussein Obama.  In 2008 the Food Stamp program (now rebranded “SNAP”) cost $17 billion dollars.  Today, that program costs $35 billion dollars according to Congressional Budget Office numbers.

Those are the clear, unadulterated facts, and our top three reasons why Barack Hussein Obama should be fired from the Presidency.

Now why would ANYONE be on TV chanting for 4 more years of this absolute misery - unless they're the ones abusing and mooching off the Government at our Taxpayer expense!

One last question: Obama gave himself a grade of “Incomplete” on the economy.  Does anyone really wonder what a grade of “Complete” would mean?  We’d all be out of work and on food stamps!


The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To?

Well now, who are the sick bastards that thought this was a great idea?

Obama Campaign Pro-Government Propaganda

No, the Government is not something we all “belong” to, we are God fearing, freedom loving INDIVIDUALS, and the Government exists to protect OUR RIGHTS, not to say we belong to them!

Another example of why Obama Must Go!


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you were as passionate about Bush leaving office as you are about Obama. If you weren't then everything you say about how you love this country and want it to be a better place is just a lie.

Anonymous said...

According to who, you an anonymous poster? ROFL! That's delicious.