Saturday, September 29, 2012

AP Headline: Growing Voter Confidence in Economy Lifts Obama

Soviet Style Reporting Alive & Well in USA

Associated Pravda:

Americans are growing more optimistic about the economy and President Barack Obama's leadership, creating a significant obstacle for Republican rival Mitt Romney five weeks to Election Day.

Even with unemployment above 8 percent for a 43rd straight month, polls find voters taking comfort in modest signs of economic progress, from a solid jump in consumer confidence this month to steady gains in home prices.

Surveys show Obama opening up leads over Romney in several key states, thanks to voters such as Jim Young, 62, a retired engineer from eastern Iowa.

What “leadership” does this article refer to?  We have an EMPTY CHAIR as “President” in this country.

Just this week the following economic news:

  • Unemployment above 8.2% for the 43rd Straight Month
  • Gas prices RISING again, over $4/gallon in some parts
  • Commodities RISING (Food Prices)
  • Manufacturing index PLUMMETS 13.2%
  • Durable Goods orders FALL 15%
  • Existing home sales DOWN
  • Municipal Banruptcies UP
  • Wages Declining

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a miserable 1.2% after being revised DOWN from a pathetic 1.8%.

We also have the LOWEST WORKFORCE PARTICIPATION in the HISTORY of this country. 

Finally, the worst news of all and adding insult to injury, the average American Homeowner’s Income has dropped $3,040.

Only the so-called “mainstream media” and the Democrat party have the audacity to call this a “recovery.”

The rest of us recognize this for what it really is: the WORST ECONOMY since the GREAT DEPRESSION.

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