Tuesday, September 4, 2012

National Debt Hits $16 TRILLION Today

The United States Treasury reports that the total public outstanding debt is: $16,015,769,788,215.80. This is the first time in American history debt has eclipsed the $16 trillion mark.

The debt has increased approximately $5.4 trillion since President Obama took office on January 20, 2009.

Here's a chart, from the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee detailing the increase in national debt over the last dozen years:

"Federal debt at the end of the current fiscal year will stand at $16.2 trillion—$6.2 trillion above where it was 4 years earlier," the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee notes. "In the last 4 years, the debt increased by more than it did in the previous 17 years."

The committee warns that under President Obama's proposed budget, the debt will surge to $25.4 trillion in 2012. Here's a chart detailing the projected debt increase:

Remember in November folks!  This is the most FAILED President in the HISTORY of our country!

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