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Headlines From Around The Web

This morning, it’s difficult to find something to write about the Obama Administration because there’s just so much damn’ing things to write!

So this morning, we bring you what we believe are the stop stories from around the web which hi-light the incompetency of Obama, the State Department, and what’s REALLY fueling muslim animosity world-wide.

Gateway Pundit: State Department Scrubs Damning Memos Following Embassy Attacks

Breitbart: Obama’s Skipped Intel Meetings Under Scrutiny

No Marines For Libyan Ambassador, Valerie Jarrett Gets Full Security Detail for her Vacation

Ben Shapiro
Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have a Marine detail in Benghazi, Libya. But White House Senior Advisor and Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett has a full Secret Service detail on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, according to Democratic pollster Pat Caddell.
That’s the pathetic foreign policy of the Obama administration, says Caddell today in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News. “Jarrett seems to have a 24 hour, around the clock detail, with five or six agents full time,” Caddell explains. “The media has been completely uninterested. We don’t provide security for our ambassador in Libya, but she needs a full Secret Service security detail. And nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with this. And nobody in the press will ask. What kind of slavish stoogery are they perpetrating here?

“This country has reached the point of absurdity. There are people dead because we don’t have security details for them. But she’s privileged to have a full Secret Service detail on vacation?”

Caddell does reserve heavy criticism for the Republican establishment, which he believes has ignored foreign policy issues for far too long. “When three quarters of the American people believe Iran will give nuclear weapons to terrorists, you can see that Americans care about this issue. And people overwhelmingly believe that Obama’s sanctions policies will not work. The pronounced minority who disagree with those positions seem to be centered in the mainstream media – and ground zero seems to be at NBC and MSNBC.”

Press Endangers Private Citizen to Hide Obama’s Middle East Failures

Ezra Dullis

Instead of questioning President Barack Obama about the intelligence and security failures that led to the deaths of four diplomatic personnel in Libya Tuesday, the media has focused its ire on a California private citizen.

The filmmaker allegedly behind the YouTube clip known as "Innocence of Muslims," known as "Sam Bacile," has had his real identity outed by the press. Reporters hounded those involved with the video's production and matched up the man's cell phone number with a previous interview subject who denied directing the movie.

Reuters photographer Lucy Nicholson took photographs of the man's home and his car, including his license plate number and closeups of possessions in the front seat, and they have been published by Yahoo News as of this writing. News agencies have further exposed the man's criminal history and past financial issues.
Sound familiar?

Sam "Joe" Wurzelbacher became a household name for asking a question of presidential candidate Obama that yielded an embarrassing answer. Immediately, the press began digging for dirt on the man, who came to be known as "Joe the Plumber" -- and received it, thanks to an improper database search from an Ohio state official.

The template is predictable: private citizen hurts Obama's election chances, media destroys private citizen. So far this election season, journalistic ire has focused on Republican donors such as Sheldon Adelson and David Koch. In the case of Mr. "Bacile," though, it's much worse.
This man, unlike Joe the Plumber, did not even confront or intend to harm Barack Obama. He merely had the misfortune of being the one YouTube user whose content mocking the prophet Mohammed was picked up by Arabic media and exploited to whip up anti-American mobs. Yet, like Joe the Plumber, the situation created by those circumstances has embarrassed Obama, now the Commander-in-Chief.

The Middle Eastern riots for which this film was scapegoated have shown President Obama to be weak-willed, slow to act, and derelict in his duty during a foreign policy crisis. And this makes the press furious. He's their guy; their drool over his foreign policy genius at the Democratic National Convention has barely dried up off the floor, and now some random guy eligible for a McDonald's senior discount just obliterated that entire narrative. Therefore, he must pay.

The irony of this debacle is that the press has outed Mr. "Bacile" to hold him accountable for being careless about others' safety. The very crowd who caution artists that the only natural conclusion to hurting Muslims' "religious feelings" is widespread violence and killing are now providing the same Muslim world with all the information needed to track this man down.

This private individual and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney have been the outlet for the mainstream media's rage -- not at the loss of American lives but at the loss of Barack Obama's credibility. Is that an unfair evaluation of their mindset? Absolutely not; just take a look at their actions. Obama's press corps has yet to ask the president one question about the week's continuing violence. Not one question asking whether the State Department considered posting extra security at Mideast embassies for the anniversary of 9/11. Not one question about his regular absence from daily intelligence briefings. Not one question about taking 16 hours to disavow a tone-deaf apology from the U.S.'s Cairo embassy.

All the questions, the hounding, the journalistic tenacity have been reserved for Mitt Romney -- not a politician in control of anything but a candidate -- and a private citizen who clearly did not intend to inspire any violence. In fact, CBS and NPR reporters were caught on tape conspiring to ask difficult questions of Mr. Romney, who voluntarily took questions from reporters, whereas President Obama jetted off to Las Vegas to campaign without taking any questions.

The example of Mr. "Bacile" is a new, wretched low for the American press. Any news editor with common sense knows that publishing his personal information at this time, including photos of his house and cars, is placing him in danger. And to have gone ahead and published, it's clear that they want just that. You can feel the seething anger in their reports, the lust for vengeance. In their twisted minds, he is the problem, not America's weak leadership.

His ideology or intentions don't matter. What matters is the outcome they attribute to him -- Obama's damaged image. And for that, he is the enemy.

Headline image created by Gawker.

Prominent Members of Chicago’s Black Community Know There’s No Second Term for Obama

HillBuzz  Kevin DuJan
I’m just back from a delightful trip down to a little sandwich shop on the Southside of Chicago where prominent members of the black community enjoy lunch served up with a side of political gossip. I relish the occasions I get invited to these little meetings and never know who’ll be sitting at the table with me but love the jerk chicken combo with extra “bodacious sauce”. In a corner over by a colorful mural celebrating the roaring-twenties and jazz I got an earful about the black community’s feeling about both the Obamas and their abandonment of Chicago for the sunny shores of Oahu in January.

This group of influential black Chicagoans calls themselves, informally, “The Think Squad” and has been a big help with stories and activities in the past. If you consider the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, and other “Justice Brothers” types on one side of the spectrum…the Think Squad is the polar opposite. These are good people who openly talk about how terrible the Democrat community has been for black people for the last four or five decades and how Obama and his acolytes have made a great many things worse for blacks since he took office. The Think Squad is not happy about the amnesty efforts for criminal Hispanics who broke American laws but are now able to push blacks out of work because of Obama’s intention to allow these people to become job-seekers in this dreadful economy. As one person at the table noted by waiving her hand at the scene out the window, “What the Hell has gotten any better since he became President.

Where’s all that hope and change? All I see is crime and trash”.

“Listen bud, there’s no second term nothing and they know as much,” a Think Squader told me between bites of his bodacious sandwich. “All this is for show. Axelrod has already moved on but no one knows what to do and they’re kind of just limping around without a plan hoping those Romney people mess up or the media drags them across the finish line. But ain’t nobody in that top tier who thinks he’s going to win. It’s just not happening because they can’t fool people a second time”.

I know there are many of you who — for whatever reason — still sit in front of your televisions with your eyes pried wide open taking in all the lies the corrupt media tells you. Why you do this is beyond me. I also don’t understand why you still pay for newspaper subscriptions or think that the polls Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow recite to you are in any way accurate. I can find no gentle way to stay this but if you believe what the tee-vee tells you, then you’re foolish. After four long years of watching the corrupt media relentlessly lie to drag Obama over the finish line if you have not picked up on the fact that everyone on television is working hard under the Democrats’ banner then there is truly something wrong with you. You are a lost cause.

You need to get out into your community and get the scoop from real people on the ground.
You need to see what’s going on with your OWN EYES and listen with your OWN EARS to get the stories the media won’t ever tell you.

You need to talk to a “Think Squad” of your own wherever you can find one.

The Think Squad confirmed what I’ve been hearing through friends whose families know Marion Robinson, the current “First Grandmother” and Michelle’s mother: the Obamas and those close to them are preparing to decamp to Honolulu, Hawaii and live out his post-presidency in the post suburb of Kailua. This is Hawaii’s Beverly Hills. The Think Squad had a great time mocking the hula and pretending to sip mai-tais and pina-coladas as they regaled me with all the things Marion’s been “bragging-on” about the house she expects to live in come January when the Obamas depart the White House and Marion comes with them. They’ll still have servants, Secret Service guards, a chef, and almost all of the amenities they enjoy now. But it will be a permanent vacation mode instead of the short bursts of paradise these people experienced on their many jaunts to Hawaii over the last four years before their usual return to Washington. But now, they won’t ever have to go back to DC and Marion is especially gleeful that they won’t be coming back to Chicago ever, either.

“She hates the cold and is glad to never have to come back here,” another person at the table told me while munching on some sweet potato chips at lunch. I dipped some in hot sauce like she did and discovered a new favorite snack as she told me how she, too, would love to abandon Chicago winters forever and never have to come back here.

The general consensus is that black people will keep voting Democrat in droves because that’s “just what we do” but that there is nowhere near the excitement levels of 2008. ”People will not be lining up to do nothing for him in November ’cause he didn’t do nothing for us for four years”, any angry Think Squader told me from the other end of the table. The mood indicated that black turnout would not be anywhere in the realm of 2008 and would instead sink down to more normal participation rates — which jives with everything you should be noticing in terms of enthusiasm for Obama across the board.

 People are over Obama, like he’s a rapper who has not had a big hit in a while or a singer whose last few albums have bombed. You still see people peddling the Obama tee shirts on the south side, “but you ain’t see nobody BUYING them, do you?”. I was told to look closely at those shirts and see for myself that many of them were left over from years ago. Nobody’s bothered to make up new designs for 2012 here on the Southside and the raggedy shirts for sale on the street corners are still sporting HOPE and CHANGE logos alongside the usual portraits of Obama’s disembodied head floating in glory with those of Dr. King, Malcolm X, and even, randomly, Tupak Shakur at times.

The table burst out into loud laughter when I asked if anyone believed there was even a remote chance that the Obama Presidential Library and Museum could be coming to Chicago and every last member of the Think Squad said “that thing’s going on the beach somewhere in Hawaii where it belongs”. There is no delusion that Chicago would get any sort of perk or pay-back for sending the Obamas to Washington. ”What do they care about Chicago for when they got everything they needed out of this place and there’s nothing more they need?”. The consensus was that Obama has a long established pattern of taking what he needs, then moving on to someplace new to acquire new resources there, and then moving on to whatever he thinks can help him advance again.

Hawaii is the next roosting place for the Obamas because his post-presidency will be all about becoming “The President of the World” since he can’t get any higher in this country than the plateau he’s already reached. He’ll travel abroad, give big speeches, and spend the rest of his life touring Asian and Middle Eastern countries talking about how much the West misunderstands Islam and how much America has to apologize for. A good number of the Think Squaders don’t see too long of a post-presidency for Obama.

Some think he’s sick (with Parkinson’s, as we’ve talked about on this site for years) and others think he might even have HIV (due to his inexplicable weight loss). ”He’s got the Slims and it shows”, somebody at the table said, drawing an awkward silence as a waitress walked around picking up trash while trying not to seem like she was listening to the boisterous group in the corner. ”The Slims” is slang in Chicago’s black community for HIV/AIDS. One in five black men in Chicago have HIV who engage in any sort of homosexual activity; this includes guys who are married and still fool around with men but don’t consider themselves bisexuals or “punks”, which is black slang for a gay man of color.

There was no doubt at the table that Barack Obama is gay and has been part of the “down low club” that’s incredibly common in big cities like Chicago where gay black men desperately seek to avoid being labeled as “punks” by taking a wife and creating a public sham of a marriage. Normally, the woman in these relationships is somehow undesirable and difficult to deal with, which is why a straight man would not want to touch her. A few good examples of this are Star Jones, Terry McMillen, Oprah Winfrey, Jada Pickett Smith, and of course Michelle Obama. All of them either married or have a longterm relationship with a gay black man (a “punk”) but who enjoy the benefits of having this man on their arm (for however long it lasts, in the case of Jones and McMillen). One of these women is a lesbian who not only has benefitted career-wise from being married to a punk but who also hides her own homosexuality by faking a marriage.

It’s hilarious sitting at a table in a sandwich shop with people who know the real score about stuff like this and realizing just how many millions of people out there who rely on the corrupt media for their news haven’t the slightest clue in Hell what’s really going on.

Some in the Think Squad believe that Obama will just come out when he ascends to that international stage in his post-presidency but others think he’ll never do that for fear of retaliation from Muslims. It’s common practice for Muslim men to continue having relations with other males while manifestly heterosexual and married, especially if the wife in question is mannish and overbearing much like Michelle. ”If you can’t see it just by looking at him, then you’re stupid” said one of my lunch mates today. I 100% agree with that and will never understand how any of this is a mystery to Americans. I guess they just don’t want to see Obama for who he really is and maybe never will.

As lunch wrapped up today and I put on my sweatshirt for the long walk back to the Red Line, the parting thoughts from the group were these:

* No — black people are not going to riot when Barack Obama loses. Black people have pretty much given up on this guy, mainly because of the fact he didn’t deliver on his promises to them but also a lot of them see that he’s gay and don’t like that and also don’t like the gay marriage “stuff” he was “talking about a lot this year”.

* No — there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell that blacks will vote Republican this year because they will NOT vote against Obama. They will instead sit home. ”He didn’t help me, so I ain’t helping him!” is the motto this year. Count on black turnout to be at 2004 levels, not 2008 numbers the way the corrupt media is baking into all those polls that get conservatives worked up where they show Obama leading. Without blacks voting at 2008 numbers, Obama loses Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia with no hope of making up those numbers with other groups. It’s as simple as that.

* Yes — the Obamas are already planning their move to Hawaii. Michelle is actually happy about this as she does not like being First Lady. She will enjoy having all the perks of the position for the rest of her life without any of the hard work. She is looking forward to a life of luxury and fun for the rest of her days. Michelle’s mother is thrilled to be leaving Washington for Hawaii permanently. All those years of putting up with her “punk-ass son-in-law” as she called him have finally paid off for her in her mind, because she never dreamed she’d get to retire on an estate in Hawaii that can only be described as “royal”. Obama himself didn’t actually like being president. It was always a step towards something bigger. He really wants to be UN Secretary General or something and lord over the whole world. His ego and narcissism have no bounds.

* Yes — the Think Squad believes Obama will lose, despite what the corrupt media tells you, because “who in their right mind would believe this man again when he made a mess the first time?”. Without the mass-hysteria of Hopeychange and the threats of “if you don’t vote for him then you are a racist” there’s no wave of emotion for Obama to surf to re-election. That means no second term.

That’s how the Think Squad sees it as prominent members of the Chicago black community at least.

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