Monday, January 17, 2011

Would Gabby Giffords Vote To Repeal ObamaCare?

Daring To Ask The Question The Lamestream Media Won’t

Let me start by saying I’m glad Congresswoman Gabby Giffords is recovering so quickly after being shot through the head last week by Jared Loughner, the whack-job in Arizona who killed six and injured many others.

As we know, Congress members receive health care that is above and beyond that which is available to us poor ordinary citizens.  They are after all, better than us, more important than us, and dog gone it, they can tell us how to run our lives.

But I do have a question for Congresswoman Giffords that I’d like her to answer as soon as the tracheotomy heals:

Congresswoman Giffords, you've received the best medical care in the world at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to treat a brain injury that perhaps 10% of people recover from to varying degrees. Don't you want every American citizen to have the same access to life saving medical care such as you've received, and if so, are you now prepared to reverse your vote for ObamaCare and support its repeal?

Of course no one in the lamestream media would have the testicular fortitude to ask such a question, and that’s a shame because cases such as Giffords would result in death under ObamaCare.  Of the 10% that manage to survive being shot through the brain such as Giffords was, the overwhelming majority either never recover enough to sustain and care for themselves or become vegetables requiring extensive care the rest of their natural lives.

Had Giffords been under ObamaCare, she wouldn’t be alive today.  Actuaries and death panels would’ve seen to that.

So what do you say, Congresswoman Giffords: Will you give every American the same chance at life you were just given, and vote to repeal ObamaCare?


NoBamaNation said...

Thank you for your thoughtful post from Comcast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Your IP along with a copy of your post have been turned over to the local police department for further investigation as a threat to do bodily harm.

Anonymous said...

I ask the same question--any other person would never have received top level care 24/7 and air flights to hospitals and such-Ya great she survived shitty deal for anyone, but congress person had all the medical fees paid by US taxpayers--and yes Just how many millions were spend to save her?