Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Memorial Service or Campaign Rally?

AZ Shooting Victims Brushed Aside for Obama Campaign Rally

Friends, I have to tell you that I’m absolutely disgusted.  Once again, the Democrats have sunk to a new low turning a memorial service inot a campaign rally.  Last time it was Paul Wellstone’s memorial.  This time the Democrats and Barack Hussein Obama are hijacking the memorial service for the victims killed by Jared Lee Loughner in Arizona last weekend into a campaign rally for Barack Hussein Obama.

image I am literally sick to my stomach that nine year old innocent victim Christina Taylor Green’s name hasn’t even been mentioned.  A beautiful young girl who’s life was tragically cut short by a psychotic gunman is being used by a sitting President to advance his agenda and –check this- sell t-shirts.

Also being ignored are the other five victims fatally shot by Loughner, John Roll, Gabe Zimmerman, Dorwan Stoddard, Phyllis Scheck and Dorothy Morris. All murdered at the hands of someone who should’ve never been given a gun much less walking the streets unchecked.

While Obama and the Democrats turn this “memorial service” into a campaign rally for themselves, I thought it may be appropriate to give you a little background on these six victims who are being ignored at a memorial service by the sitting President of the United States no less.

Source: CafeMom.Com

Gabe Zimmerman was a staffer of Congresswoman Giffords and he was just 30 years old. Today, on my husband's birthday, he is already three years older than Gabe Zimmerman. And so I can't help but see my husband when I look at Zimmerman, a man in love (he was engaged to be married), a man who enjoyed sports.

Then there's John Roll, a federal judge, a man who was just 63 years old when he was shot and killed in that Safeway grocery store. In him I see my father, a man who is in his late 50s. Like Roll, he's a grandfather. Like Roll he's nearing retirement age but still a hard worker -- in fact Roll was said to have stopped by the Safeway on his day off to talk to Giffords about work (the Congresswoman helped line up funding for a courthouse).

Or what of Stoddard, the pensioner who had been widowed and met his childhood sweetheart who had likewise been widowed, who married her and stood on line with her at Safeway on Saturday? When the bullets rang out, Dorwan threw his weight on top of his dear Mavy, saving her life and sacrificing his own. Yes, he was in his mid-70s. But my grandfather is 90 and still kicking. He had plenty of life yet to live.

The same goes for Scheck and Morris, women past their prime to be sure, but still beautifully, wonderfully alive until Saturday when they were taken away by a crazy man with a gun. In all of them I see potential lost, and yet lives lived.

To me, the most tragic loss is that of nine year old Christina Taylor Green.  Parent’s aren’t supposed to outlive their children, much less bury them.  The tragedy is of a life unlived, potential lost, and an childs innocence forever gone.

At the same time, what infuriates me most is the non-stop focus on Gabby Giffords.  Yes, she along with a bunch of others survived but where are their stories as well?

Once again, the lamestream media places the importance of a government official above all others.  We don’t hear how the other survivors are doing on a daily basis do we?  Of course not, we’re not as important as Giffords.  Can you smell the elitism here?  I sure can.  The non-stop media coverage and what Obama’s doing at this moment in turning a memorial service into a campaign rally just reinforces what real American’s think of today’s politicians: they’re all douchebags in it for themselves.

Don’t believe me?  Watch a replay of the “memorial service” on youtube when it’s over and ask yourself these questions:

1. Is selling t-shirts reading “together we thrive” appropriate at this event?

2. Is cheering the First Lady Moocher appropriate at this event? Should she really be smiling, laughing and waving back??

3. Why is the crowd cheering Obama?  Are they there for a memorial service to honor the dead or are they there to see their “Messiah?”

Pardon me, but what’s going on in Arizona at this moment is an absolute disgrace.  Obama and the Democrats have sunk to a new low and I hope good, right-thinking American people see this farce for what it is.

What a tragic way to “remember” the lives of those lost.

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Robespierre has entered the building, let the Reign of Terror begin!

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