Saturday, January 15, 2011

Federal Government Suing States Over Union Laws

Obama NLRB Backs Card-Check, Sues To Stop Anonymous Ballots

The right to a secret ballot is a fundamental right of every American since the beginning of this country.  During each election, how we vote is secret, known only to us.

The Obama Administration, the National Labor Relations Board led by extreme socialist Lafe Soloman and the Unions however don’t like secret ballots when it comes to union ballots.

This past November, South Dakota, South Carolina, Arizona and Utah all passed State Constitutional Amendments guaranteeing workers in their states the right to a secret ballot in union elections.

The NLRB with the full support of Barack Hussein Obama and the major unions are suing these states to overturn these states amendments as “unconstitutional” and “to conserve state and federal resources.”

Since when did Democrats/Socialists care about our Constitution or Federal resources for that matter?

Here’s the problem: Unions have long pushed for card-check legislation, disingenuously cloaking it in the language of “worker protection.”

The reality is the major unions are determined to implement card-check by any means necessary, against the wishes of the American people and Congress.  Card check is nothing more than the unions trying to identify those who are against them organizing in companies and then targeting them for bullying.  In short, Card-Check is really intended to restrict how workers determine whether or not they choose a union by forcing them away from an anonymous ballot to a named ballot instead.

What this all means is we now have a Federal Government who’s firmly behind the socialization/unionization of all American’s in order to get a job.

As we said at the time of the automobile industry bailouts, GM and Chrysler were just the start. 

Utah and three other states are already gearing up for a legal fight, time will tell whether or not the privacy of an anonymous ballot is upheld in union elections.  If that right falls, my fear is that our Constitutional right to an anonymous ballot in political elections will follow.

Obama = Chavez after all.

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