Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New GOP

The Death Panel for ObamaCare

Incoming house speaker John Boehner has set January 12th as the date to begin repealing ObamaCare, the greatest threat to our personal freedoms by the Federal Government in our lifetime.

Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid of Nevada and Dick “Turbin” Durbin of Illinois have said they’ll use every Senate procedural trick to stop it from coming to the Senate floor.

Game on.

If Harry Reid and Dick “Turbin” Durbin want to spend the next two years defending passage of the largest federal power grab over our personal lives for the next two years, I say let them.  The result will be even more massive losses for Democrats in 2012 with the potential for a veto-proof Republican led Senate and a Republican in the White House.

Tea Party, anyone?  The next two years will give rise to the biggest political movement this country has seen since the Declaration of Independence if Democrats do as Reid and Durbin are suggesting.

The fact is, ObamaCare is a job killer, deficit buster, debt creator and spends money this country does not have at a time when the focus should be on getting Federal, State, County and Municipal budgets back under control and creating that three letter word Joe Biden likes so much, j-o-b-s.

The response of the lamestream media has been pretty typical, blaming Republican’s for repealing “free healthcare for millions of people.”  Forget the fact that this so-called “free healthcare” isn’t exactly “free” and doesn’t actually start until 2013, after Obama’s first and only term in office.

The fact is, the Republican Party is responding to the clear voice of the American people, not just the Tea Party.  60% of American’s according to a recent Rasmussen poll want ObamaCare repealed.

Not fixed, repealed.

That doesn’t bode well for the tone-deaf democrats who are about to embark on another two years of not listening to the will of the American people.  If 2010 wasn’t enough of a spanking for the Pelosi-Reid led Democrats, 2012 will be an absolute bloodbath.

If the Democrats are lucky, that bloodbath will be contained to the  voting booth.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how the so-called "mainstream media" and the Democrats are crying foul! telling the Republican's that repealing ObamaDeathCare is a mistake.

Seems they've already forgotten why Republican's were swept into the House of Representatives and almost won the Senate.

You're right, more than 60% of Americans want ObamaDeathCare repealed outright, and if the Republican's don't get it done there's going to be an even bigger change in 2012.