Saturday, July 31, 2010

Will Obama’s Failures Lead To a Second American Revolution?

Pruning the power of government begins with the imperial presidency.

Investors Business Daily had an excellent column yesterday by Ernest Christian and Gary Robbins which asked an excellent question: “Is the Government doing us more harm than good?”

The answer to me is an obvious YES it is so then the question becomes “what do we do about it?”

Christian and Robbins don’t go into heavy detail about how the Obama Administration’s policies and frankly it’s own view on the Constitution is absolutely destroying our economy and our way of life as it should be clear to anyone paying attention to this Administration and the Democrat controlled Congress the damage that’s being done.

We have an economy that’s in an absolute shambles.  New economic reports show that the recession has been far deeper and far wider than anyone suspected.  Well duh, with nearly one in ten American’s out of work and millions more that have simply given up looking for work most have stopped calling this a ‘recession’ and started calling it what it truly is – a depression.

The Obama Administration’s policies haven’t helped either.  The “stimulus” program was nothing more than a redistribution of wealth in this country, taking from those who work and earn more than $200,000 per year and re-distributing it to the “unemployed” via 2+ year long unemployment benefits, to Obama’s own favored social/economic classes, typically urban dwellers living at or near the poverty level in a Keynesian textbook attempt to ‘create jobs.’ 

Then there’s the double-speak coming out of the Obama Administration.  On the one hand, there’s talk of maintaining the Bush Tax Cuts for those making $200k/year or less.  On the other hand, the Obama Administration claims to want to help small businesses hire people.

Yet, this administration which has absolutely ZERO private sector experience working in it fails to see the double-speak and flaws in their tax and spend policies that continue to destroy job creation in this country.  Simply stated, small business owners typically make more than $250k/year.  To say on the one hand that the Administration wants to help small businesses hire new workers, while on the other hand maintaining an anti-small business taxation policy simply doesn’t work, and it’s a prime example of the lack of private business experience that exists in this Administration.

Some months ago, I compared the amount of private business experience that existed in every administration since JFK.  With two exceptions, every President since JFK had a Cabinet membership of at least 45% with private sector business experience.

The two exceptions?  Jimmy Carter and Barack Hussein Obama.  In the Carter Administration, 3 in 10 cabinet members had private sector business experience.  In the Obama Administration, less than 1 in 10 do, and we’re seeing the results of “textbook only” experience.

He may soon bankrupt us and replace our big merit-based capitalist economy with a small government-directed one of his own design.

                 -- Investors Business Daily, July 30th, 2010

Increasingly, Obama is being recognized as being the most anti-business and anti-Constitution President on record.  During a recent Business Roundtable sponsored by the White House, Democrat Max Baucus couldn’t stop himself from blurting out that he thought Obama was the “biggest government forced re-distribution of wealth President in history.”

The criticism’s don’t stop there.  Ben Bernanke went on record the other day saying that America’s financial future is “unusually uncertain” adding “for the forseeable future.”

Obama is crushing America with his economic policies, and the debt he’s added, nearly $4,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillion) since assuming office in January of 2009.

Now, is Obama fostering a second American Revolution, as Investors Business Daily suggests? 

Do you personally know anyone who’s happy with the direction of the country?

The fact is Obama is living up to his “promise” to “fundamentally re-make America” as he stated repeatedly during the 2008 campaign.  His Hugo Chavez like language was un-mistakable to most of us, and Obama’s lived up to his hype seizing Banks, the Automobile Industry, Health Care, the SEC, re-writing financial regulations to increase monitoring of American’s banking and spending habits.

Then there’s Obama’s unholy alliance with the public and private sector unions who’ve benefitted the most from his anti-business, anti-Constitution policies which place the private sector at the mercy and political whim of the Executive Branch.

“Pruning the power of government begins with the imperial presidency.”

       -- Investors Business Daily, July 30th, 2010

Is Obama fostering a second American Revolution?  Yes.

If the polls are to be believed, (and I suggest ignoring them so as to avoid a false sense of victory) this November will bring a sea change in Washington DC rivaling that of 1994.  While I’m certainly no fan of the Republican Party, it will be a good thing in my opinion as a peaceful revolution via the ballot box is as good as one that involves tar, rope, feathers and 537 dead politicians swinging by their necks on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

Although, hanging the bastards would be alot more fun in my opinion.

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