Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why Can’t Blacks Have Their Own Tea Party?

Separate But Equal, A Throw-Back To The 60’s

As it turns out, the NAACP is right, there are a bunch of racists in the Tea Party movement, unfortunately for the NAACP the racists in this case happen to be black.

This morning’s Washington Post Op-Ed section contains an editorial by a Sophia A Nelson in which she expresses her fears of joining the Tea Party because of fears of being labled an “Uncle Tom” or “Sellout” by her fellow black’s:

I'm supposed to be on the NAACP's side of this argument. I am a member of the nation's oldest black sorority and the founder of a national organization that focuses on professional black women. And I have a book coming out early next year on the unique challenges facing college-educated black women in the United States. I have a lot to lose by lining up with the wrong crowd: I could be pegged an Uncle Tom or a sellout. And so I have been fearful and silent. But I am increasingly uncomfortable staying quiet.

Like many in the Tea Party movement, Nelson is concerned about unemployment, the economy, and burdeonsome taxes.  She sees the larger picture in the black community which is actually hurting worse than they did under the Bush Administration. Real unemployment for black males has gone up nearly ten percentage points since Obama took office.  Where’s the hope and change? 

Nelson goes on to write:

Even people who disagree with me don't think that a public war of words over race is the best way forward. "How is condemning the actions of a few white fools in the tea party going to help put food on the table of unemployed black folks?" a black lawyer friend in his late 30s -- a staunch Democrat -- asked at a recent dinner party. He didn't see how an NAACP resolution was going to create jobs in cities where black men are experiencing unemployment at Great Depression levels. "The NAACP needs to come up with something better than that move," he said.

Further on:

Another friend at the dinner, a black woman who works for a member of Congress, agreed. "We need to wake up. Black folks are hurting bad in this current economy, as are many whites and Hispanics. We better start finding a way to work together and stop all of this racial name-calling," she said. "We need a Rainbow Coalition tea party to set this thing off before we all end up getting dumped in the Boston Harbor."

Do we need to look further to where the racism is?  It’s not in the Tea Party movement, it’s in the black community which itself is divided over the NAACP’s condemnation of the Tea Party.

Do we need any more proof that the NAACP is nothing more than a bunch of useful idiots for the Democrat Party in the latest race card play?  I think not.

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