Friday, July 16, 2010

A Must Have For Sorry Obama Voters

Introducing The Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit

Brad Stine, the creator of this video is one of my favorite stand-up comedians.  I’ve seen him several times and his comedy is always fresh, relevant and never obscene. 

Video dedicated to all you sorry Obama voters that helped this incompetent, arrogant prick get into the White House.

Are you sorry yet? You should be.


Obama: My Policies Got Us Out of This Mess

Acknowledges November Elections A Referendum on Him

There’s simply no limit to how low Obama will stoop to try and claim credit for something – anything.

Yesterday he kept saying “We fixed it” referring to the blown out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.  “We are monitoring progress” and “We don’t want to declare victory yet.”

Shit Sandwich

Who’s this “We?”

As if Obama had anything to do with fixing the well?  Quite the contrary, he pulled out all the stops in using the full force of the Federal Government in slowing down all clean-up efforts in Louisiana and never once considered using an Executive Order to suspect the Jones Act, which prevented all foreign assistance in cleaning-up the spill in the gulf.  Obama’s record in the gulf oil leak disaster speaks for itself, and the poll numbers show American voters are increasingly holding him accountable for it.

So when Obama says his policies “got us out of this mess” I have to wonder, just who does the smarmy, arrogant prick think he’s serving that shit sammich up to?

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