Friday, July 30, 2010

America’s Unspeakable Truth

Barrack Obama is aggressively destroying our country because he deeply hates America's founding principles.

The American Thinker Blog:

In today's politically charged atmosphere, observing and speaking the obvious can be difficult and is often met with rage. Observations of truth are neither pro-Republican nor anti-Democrat. Truth is truth. No political party or politician is, has been or ever will be pure. America's national heritage and future greatness rests in truth, honesty, soundness of principles, and the recognition of inalienable, God given, individual liberties. These profound truths have and will define us like no other nation in history. Abandonment of these profound truths will lead to our demise.

Barrack Obama took office twenty months ago and today our country is raging. Youth unemployment is now 39%, home foreclosures, small businesses and personal bankruptcies rest at all time highs. Citizen hatred is being nationally stoked based on skin color, economic status, political ideology and religious beliefs. Government spending, political corruption, and unsustainable indebtedness are rising, and illegal immigrants are pouring into our society without restraint. Our Constitution is being perverted, twisted, gamed or ignored by those controlling the levers of federal power.

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