Saturday, May 2, 2009

White House Directly Threatens Chrysler Investors

A Tyrant By Any Other Name, Is Still A Tyrant

When the sitting President of the United States of America threatens to bring the “full force of the White House Press Corp” to bear, to destroy the reputations of the investors of a Corporation in order to get what the White House wants, what does that say?

It says a tyrant by any other name, is still a tyrant.

Auto Industry.  Health Care Industry. Banking.  Credit Cards.

Where does this stop?

How far will this Socialist, borderline Marxist go to get “his way?”

The liberal lamestream media is so far in the tank for Obama that he earnestly believes he can use them as a threat against his enemies?

Now, if this were the Bush administration, this story and the attached audio would be all over the evening news.  Look at the media’s reaction to “waterboarding” … as if it was even really torture at all!!

But this is Obama, the media’s darling boy.  And as Obama says “I won.”

Listen for yourselves as Attorney Tom Lauria, the attorney of record for Chrysler Corporation guaranteed debt holders describes being threatened by the White House:

Obama voters, is this the “Change” you voted for, Government seizure of Publicly held corporations and the destruction of wealth and contract law in the United States?

If so, be careful what you wish for, you may just be on the receiving end yourselves when Republicans regain the White House.  The political pendulum swings both ways you know.

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