Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama Not The First Head Of State to Design Cars

Guess Who The Other Was?

Rachel Madsen, Human Events

“Sitting at a restaurant table in Munich in the summer of 1932, Hitler designed the prototype for what would become the immensely successful Beetle design for Volkswagen (literally, the "car of the people"),” says the Hitler Historical Museum’s website.  He then said to the head of Daimler-Benz:  “Take it with you and speak with people who understand more about it than I do. But don't forget it. I want to hear from you soon, about the technical details.09_05_15_ObamaRepair "

This week, Obama imposed on American car manufacturers strict fuel efficiency and emissions standards, to be introduced in 2012.  Manufacturers will reportedly get extra pats on the head for cranking out electric cars like General Motors’ Chevy Volt -- which will soak American consumers for about $40,000.  In other words, they’re going to make cars only hippies want, at prices only CEOs can afford.  Don’t like it?  Then ride a bike or take the bus.

These aren’t going to be Hummers or 4x4s, because the simple laws of physics dictate that the heavier something is, the more energy it takes to move it.  These are going to be little bitty cars like the ones I see in Paris, none of which are physically capable of hauling both me and my luggage to the airport. 

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