Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fascism Comes to Notre Dame

This video really requires no introduction, other than to say look at what Notre Dame is doing, all for the sake of having the most liberal, pro-abortion “President” in the history of the country speak at their graduation ceremony.

This is fascism in America.  When free speech means arresting an 80 year old defenseless Catholic Priest who has the AUDACITY to speak out against abortion at a CATHOLIC University that is supposed to stand up for LIFE, and the CATHOLIC TRADITION of protecting the unborn, surely we are bearing witness to the corruption of the University of Notre Dame, and Fascism coming to America.

I'm simply horrified at what this country is rapidly becoming under the most liberal, pro-abortion "President" this country has ever seen.

Those who claim to be "Pro-Life" and "Pro-Obama" in the Catholic Faith should be shunned. You are true hypocrites! culture of death

Handcuffing an 80 year old Pri est? This is FASCISM folks, compliments of the Obama administration.  Dissent will not be tolerated by this “President.”

God Bless Father Weslin, a true man of what God calls us all to do!

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