Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random Thoughts From a Busy Week

Watching the news unfold this week as I vacationed with the family, here’s my thoughts from this past weeks news cycle. 

On Judge Sonia Sotomayor:

I just don’t understand how a judge that’s been overturned by the US Supreme Court so many times can be qualified to serve on the US Supreme Court.  Forget her racist statement about her being a “latina woman” somehow qualifies her for the court more than a “white guy.”  That’s a trap for the stupid, spineless Republican’s to fall into.  Instead, let’s examine her record.

Case in point: 60% of Sotomayer’s cases that have been referred toimage the US Supreme court have been overturned on legal grounds, for issues Sotomayer overlooked.  If you and I were that wrong in performing our daily jobs and were constantly corrected by our bosses wouldn’t we be fired instead of promoted?

Case in point #2: Ricci v. New Haven, CT  which is in front of the US Supreme Court right now, and will likely result in yet another overturn of Sotomayer.  In this case, Sotomayer ruled in favor of racial politics against twenty white and hispanic firefighters passed over for promotion when the city of New Haven, CT refused to implement the results of a promotion test upon which black firefighters didn’t perform as well as their counter parts.

In this specific case, Sotomayer completely ignored the fact that each firefighter had the same opportunities, access to resources, and time to prepare for the test, thus providing a level playing field for all. 

A total of 118 applicants took the two tests for promotion to lieutenant or captain in late 2003, and 59 earned passing scores. Because there were limited vacancies, only the top scorers were eligible for promotion -- a group of 17 whites, and two Hispanics. None of the 27 black firefighters with passing scores was eligible.

One of the firefighters, Frank Ricci who is dyslexic, said he prepared exhaustively for the test and paid to have study materials recorded so he could learn by listening.

Ricci scored the highest on the exam.

At hearings in July 2006, the firefighters' lawyer, Karen Lee Torre, argued the city tossed the exams because elected officials were worried about losing support among black voters. 

The city's attorney, Richard Roberts, denied the allegation. He said the city's only motive was avoiding a discrimination suit from minority firefighters. (Hmmm, this isn’t playing politics with people’s lives at all now is it?)

In her ruling, Sotomayer declared the City of New Haven’s actions in throwing out all test results was stating “the city's effort to avoid discriminating against minority firefighters was "race neutral," because "all the test results were discarded, no one was promoted, and firefighters of every race will have to participate in another selection process."”

At US Supreme Court oral arguments in April of this yeaimager, Justice  Antonin Scalia scoffed at the claim that rejecting the results was racially neutral. "It's neutral because you throw it out for the losers as well as for the winners?" he asked. "That's neutrality?"

image Chief Justice John Roberts also questioned Sotomayer’s ruling asking “Does the city get do-overs until it comes out right?”

It appears that the US Supreme Courts solidly Conservative majority is about to rule against Obama’s nominee, Sotomayer.

So what is Obama’s reasoning in nominating Sotomayer anyway?

Perhaps this quote from an interview of Barack Hussein Obama on National Public Radio in 2001 explains Sotomayor’s nomination:

"The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. says what the federal government can't do for you, but it doesn't say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf"

Barack Hussein Obama

Interview, National Public Radio June 2001

As Sotomayer is an activist judge who on video stated it was the Appeals Court’s job to “make policy” Obama gets something he wants in Sotomayer: a Supreme Court Judge who will help him break down the barriers that the US Constitution created by barring the Federal Government from intruding in our daily lives.

The Founding Fathers in adopting the Constitution recognized that the Federal Government had two roles.  The first was to provide for the common defense.  The second was to get the hell out of the way of the American people.  As such, the Constitution reserves all rights that are not expressly granted to the Federal Government to the individual States.

Thank goodness for a Conservative Majority on the US Supreme Court, it may be the only thing standing between the United States of America and complete Marxism at the hands of “The One.”

North Korea

Surely the entire world is laughing at “The One” right about now. image Here we have a Communist dictator, a complete nutjob playing Obama like the fool he is.  A successful nuclear test, detonating a bomb the size of that used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and a number of missile tests that have gone unanswered by Obama and his band of merry minions sure makes the United States look weak, doesn’t it?

So weak that Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmenidijad have “challenged” Obama to a debate at the Useless Nations (U.N.)

I sure hope Obummer accepts, it should be fun to watch.

Jimmy Carter

Must be the happiest man on the planet right about now, finally someone’s come along that’s proving to be a worse President than even he was.

The Economy

Ok, someone tell me how continuing to lose 600,000+ jobs a month4rde04[7] under Obummer is somehow better than 4.7% unemployment under Bush.  Please, the economy is NOT getting better, it’s getting WORSE.  We have a record number of cargo ships and shipping containers sitting idle as the economy continues to lose steam.  In the first quarter of 2009, the economy actually shrank at a record 5.9%. 

Yeah, but the Democrat talking points say the economy is finally getting better.  How about telling that to the 13% that are unemployed in Michigan and California?  Or how about telling the near 8,000,000 people that are unemployed that “hope and change” is coming their way? 

Where’d That 2Trillion Dollars Go Anyway?

GM took more than $50 billion in bailout money, only to go into bankruptcy anyway.

Chrysler took $20 billion.

Banks took $787 billion.

That leaves about $1.2 Trillion Dollars that the Obama Administration literally pissed away, completely unaccounted for.

But wait!  The Obama Administration said they “saved” 150,000 jobs in their first 100 days!  That’s about what, $800k per job saved if my public school education is correct?  Yep, real bargain there!  Let’s just piss away $1.2 Trillion dollars to “save” 150,000 jobs.

Did I mention that of those 150,000 jobs “saved” the Federal Government accounted for 66,000 of them in new hires?

Kinda makes one want to stop paying their taxes, doesn’t it?

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