Sunday, July 20, 2008

Like High Gas Prices? Thank Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and of course Barak Obama.

Let's acknowledge a few facts here as campaign season gears up, shall we?

Since Barak Obama entered the United States Senate, and the Democrats took control of the US Congress (both the House and Senate) gas prices have more than DOUBLED.  We enter into evidence, exhibit #1 - which shows none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi standing in front of a Shell gas station in Northern California.  Note the gas prices behind her which read:  $4.55 Regular, $4.67 Plus, $4.79 for V-Power (Premium) and a shockingly high $5.12 for Diesel fuel.

pelosi high gas prices When did any American ever think they'd be paying more than $4/gallon for gas?  Well, thanks to a Democrat Controlled Congress and Democrat Presidential hopeful Barak Hussein Obama, we no longer have to think about it, because we are!

To prove our point, we now enter into evidence exhibit #2 - which shows gas prices under President Bush and the Republican Controlled Congress, up to 2006.  In the following chart, we see that gas prices on a national average, were about $2 per gallon.  In some parts of the country where gasoline taxes are exhorbitantly high such as California and Illinois, the averag6rhp8ve was above the national, but still, they were comparatively cheap until the Democrats took control of the House and Senate in February, 2007. 

The increase in fuel prices for the first six years of the Bush Presidency totaled sixty-six cents (.66) per gallon.  For the average driver with a 20 gallon fuel tank, that amounted to a total of about $12 increase in the cost of filling one's gas tank.

Fast forward to today.  That same 20 gallon fuel tank now costs  eighty-three dollars ($83) for a net impact of $42 per tank, per family!

When Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid tell you that the Bush Presidency is a "failure" ask yourself this question: Are you better off now than you were less than two (2) years ago today? A quick examination of $42/fill up under President Bush and the Republican Controlled Congress, vs. $83/fill up under a Democrat Controlled Congress yields the obvious answer: HELL NO!!

But if you happen to like gas prices, by all means go ahead and thank the Democrats and Barak Obama.  Keep re-electing the Nancy Pelosi Democrats including Barak Obama and you have no right to complain when the pain at the gas pump and in the grocery aisles of the country gets worse.

Barak Obama has one word for you: SUCKERS!!

Like high gas prices?  Thank Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Do-Nothing Democrat Congress.  After all, here's their energy plan.



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