Thursday, July 10, 2008

He Said WHAT?!

Sunday July 6th will become known as the day that the real Jesse Jackson stood up and said what he really thought about Barak OBama

"He talks down to black people"

"I want to cut his nuts off."

During a recent Fathers Day speech, OBama lamented about growing up in a home without a father, and took black fathers to task saying "We need them to realize that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child - it's the courage to raise one." 

In apologizing for his remark about OBama and wanting to "cut his nuts off" Jackson publicly admitted to the reality that the number of fatherless homes in the black community is in crisis.  Statistics show that more than 70% of black children grow up in a home without a father or father figure. 

I suspect however, that Jackson took OBama's comments on Father Day, and other occasions where he's spoken out about personal responsibility in black churches across America personally as Jackson himself has fathered children out of wedlock.  One may recall Jackson's usurpation of Rainbow Push money to pay off the mother of hils jesse meets obamaillegitimate child, Karen Stanford in order to move her out of the public spotlight to California. 

The fact that Jesse Jackson has hardly been a father to the child may also be one of the reasons Jackson has been taking OBama's comments personally, thus lashing out stating he wants to "cut his (OBama's) nuts off."  In 2001, Karen Stanford sued Jesse Jackson to formalize child support payments as Jackson had ceased paying her out of Rainbow/Push funds once the affair and birth of her child became known and also went public on ABC's "20/20" program in August of 2001 to chide Jackson saying "I want Jesse Jackson to be a father to Ashley.  I want us to have very clear visitation" citing further "He (Jackson) only visited Ashley once in seven months."

Surely there is a changing of the leadership guard in the black community.  OBama's message of personal responsibility, getting an education, and fathers being a presence in their children's lives isn't new.  Bill Cosby had the same message just a few short years ago, and was roundly criticized by many in the black community for selling out.  Will the message resonate with OBama?  It remains to be seen, but I suspect there's an underlying power struggle in the "leadership" of the black community.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the "old guard."  They've made their entire careers on race-baiting and taking "protection money" from those who could least afford it, the poorest in their community.

Barak OBama is clearly the new guard.  While his message of personal responsibility is correct and should resonate within the black community, his politics and the methods in which he seeks to make social/economic change are dangerously marxist in nature as he would seek to control major segments of the U.S. economy through government intervention and regulation.

The power struggle between OBama and Jackson while an interesting sideshow in this year's election is really what happens when Dangerously Incompetent meets Hypocritically Corrupt.

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