Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Divider, Not A Uniter

For all Obama's talk about uniting the Country, why does his website divide all American's into seventeen (17) different and "unique" categories, while explicitly leaving one large, important demographic completely aside?

Allow us to demonstrate.

The “people” section of Obama's website divides Americans into the following categories: Latinos, women, First Americans, environmentalists, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people, Americans with disabilities, Asian-Americans and Pacific islanders and so on.

There is no mention of whites, or men.  Perhaps becaunobamase it's white men that Obama intended in his claim that "certain people cling to God and Guns out of fear." 

So who are the whites and men that Obama is referring to? 

The most popular theory amongst Elitist, Liberal Democrats such as Obama is that the Democrat Party itself has done nothing wrong, rather, it's the "stupid, white trash" who are too bigoted or stupid to support them.  This is not a theory that's going to get the Democrat party very far this fall. 

The main problem for Democrats this fall is twofold.  First, that they are identified as the party that blames all the worlds ills, from global warming to racism, the oppression of workers, "oil making us sick, coal making us sick" on white men.  Few if any real men (who happen to be white) share this view and are quite often blue-collar workers themselves tired of shouldering the Democrat Party's blame.

Second, Democrats lost many non-southern white men, too. Between the presidential elections of 1960 and 2004, their share of the southern white male vote shrank by 17 points, but among non-southern whites it still shrank by 12 points.  Racial attitudes have been shifting since the 1960's, most notably amongst today's youth who tend to shun socio-economic and racial barriers.  Surely there's something else making "white men" shun the Democrat party?

Yes there is, it's called the Democrat Party's complete failure to take white men seriously.  After years of using the "angry white male" as a punching bag, they've driven away a significant chunk of the very core constituency it needed to win elections.  Rather than admitting it's mistake, the Democrats have turned instead to "special interest" voters to make up the gap.  Unfortunately for Democrats, there aren't enough gay, transgendered environmentalist vegan atheists who hate guns and oil to make up the difference.

Obama seems to understand this lately, which is why he's now reversing himself (we call it the "Obamaflop") on issues such as banning handguns which he supported as a junior Illinois State Senator in the Illinois Legislature, abortion on demand for any reason including his full support for partial  birth abortions up to the moment of birth, and the Iraq War, which he now sees as being grudgingly successful and as a result has turned away from his March 20th, 2008 primary promise of a uni-lateral pullout should he be elected President.

Even still, Obama's website divides American's into seventeen (17) different categories, and white men don't count.

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