Sunday, July 8, 2012

So, What Exactly Is Growing In This Economy?

The Top Ten Things Obama's Helped Grow:

10. Health Care Costs. Up 45% over three years.  Have you looked at your monthly premium and annual deductible yet?  Average increase is 15% per year.

9. Budget Deficits. Up 44% according to the Congressional Budget Office.  Here we see Obama has more that doubled the National Deficit and has no plans to bring it down to pre-2008 levels.  Notice the spike in 2008?  That’s thanks to the Democrat Controlled Senate which has refused to pass a budget since 2007.

8. National Debt. Up 56%  It was 9.2 TRILLION dollars when Obama took office, it’s now approaching $16 TRILLION dollars in less than 4 years.  Obama has single-handedly run up more debt than the past 42 Presidents combined.  Notice the arc of the curve dramatically increasing starting in 2008?  Once again, the Democrat Controlled Senate is responsible due to not having passed a budget since 2007.

government debt chart

7. Home Foreclosures. Up 33%

6. Bankruptcies. Up 27% on average over 3 years.

5. Government Pension Benefits. Up 9% on average over 3 years.

4. Poverty. Up over 30%.  Just look at the increase in food stamps which have increased from thirty million to forty nine million under Obama.

3. Unemployment Rate. Up 61% over 3 years

2. People on Welfare. Up 45%  This chart should speak for itself, however notice again the spike beginning in 2008, and the huge jump in 2010.  Democrat controlled Senate, House and White House are responsible.

1. Food Stamps. Up 63%  Notice the spike beginning in 2009?  That’s the first year of Obama’s economic policies taking effect.  Here it’s important to remember that an incoming President’s budget is set by the previous President.  In this case however, the Democrat controlled Senate has refused to pass a budget since 2007.  As a result, the Obama Administration was free to go on a wild spending spree, driving up deficits, debt, driving down employment and causing this tremendous spike in dependence on food stamps.

Now, if the Romney campaign were smart (and I’m not suggesting they are!) all they need to campaign on are these charts and this list for the next four and a half months.   

Every single American that’s paying attention to what’s happening in this country feels the impact of each item I’ve listed above.  We see that in all core economic indicators.

For the record, sources for most numbers are listed above, the rest can be easily found in less than 10 minutes for anyone willing to look and use Google.  Isn’t that in and of itself a complete damnation of our liberal lamestream media and their complicity with the Democrats in hiding these truths from the American people?

I think so.

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