Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Theatre Shootings

Gunman Kills 15, Wounds 50 in Batman Movie Opening

Last night in Aurora Colorado at the new Batman movie opening, a gunman opened fire on a crowded theatre killing 15 people, wounding at least 50 others.

Immediately after the tragedy, President Obama released a statement expressing his sorrow and condolences to the families of all the victims.

Given that I live in the Chicago area, we have 12-20 people killed every weekend and dozens wounded in gang warfare in Obama's home town, yet Obama has yet to express sorrow or condolences to the family of a single victim of rampant gang warfare in his hometown.

Why is that? Could it be the media is protecting Obama and not talking about Chicago being the murder capital of the United States? Or the fact that murders are up 38% in a single year in Obama's home town? Why isn't the national media talking about the open warfare in Chicago's streets, and the fact that you and I would be safer on the streets of Kabul or anywhere else in the Middle East than we are on the streets of Chicago?

Better yet, will I be the only person who asks this question: Is Obama a racist?

The victims of the open warfare happening in Chicago are predominantly black.

Who were the victims in Auroa, Colorado? Predominantly white.

So why is Obama expressing sorrow over the deaths of 15 (presumably) white people in Auroa, Colorado and has yet to express a single regret for the more than 150 black people murdered in Chicago as a result of gang warfare? Many of these victims were nothing more than children playing in front of, or inside their own homes when they were murdered by gang gunfire.

Where is Obama when his own people are being murdered in black-on-black crime? Is Obama an uncaring racist? Why is the national media dead silent on this issue?

Hello? Is this thing on?


Anonymous said...

You either got a big set of balls or a death wish for posting this.

Nuttinhoney said...

RE: Anonymous, I know the owner of this blog and yes he does have a big set of balls. As an American, he has "Freedom of Speech" which is the First Amendment of our United States Constitution! If he had blogged this in a communist country he would've been put in jail or killed. We as Americans do not want the United States to turn into a communist country. Awwwww, I feel better now. USC, This is my "Larry Speech". Take Care & God Blessm Nuttinhoney_80