Sunday, June 27, 2010

Small Business Owner to Biden: Lower Taxes!

There Is No Such Thing As “Free” Ice Cream, Mr. VP.

In yet another campaign stop for Russ Feingold (D. WI) yesterday, Joe Biden stopped at Kopps Frozen Custard in Greenfield, well known for their ice cream and custard treats.

Watch as the arrogant, pompous Biden ignores the Kopp’s Manager’s plea for the Obama Administration to lower taxes after Biden gets his “free” ice cream.

Typical Socialist that Biden is, he thinks his ice cream should of course be free, and how dare this little man complain about his taxes!

I can see November from my house.  Can you?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Biden: We Can’t Recover All the Jobs Lost

Stimulus, Re-Distribution of Wealth Failed

Appearing at a fund raiser for (D) Russ Feingold in Milwaukee last night, Vice President of Buffoonery, Joe Biden finally admitted that we can’t spend out way out of a recession.

Biden, occasionally known for being dumb enough to actually tell the truth despite the Obama Administration’s best efforts to keep him locked up with Perot’s crazy aunt in the basement, he gave his assessment of the economy saying “there’s no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession.”

Considering the Democrats added nearly $3 TRILLION dollars to the National Debt through TARP, Bailouts, “Stimulus” spending, Cash for Clunkers and 99 weeks of unemployment benefits, and “health care reform” Biden’s latest guffaw, albeit truthful, isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for Obama’s economic policies or those who would follow them like oh, say Russ Feingold.

Of the more than 8 million jobs lost in this recession, nearly 6 million of those jobs were lost under the Obama Administration according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, as they ramped up Government spending, added nearly $3 Trillion dollars to the National Debt, and threatened private companies across America with increased taxes and legislation. 

Joe Biden’s right, there is no possibility of restoring the 8 million jobs lost during this recession, the overwhelming majority of which were on the Obama Administration’s watch as long as the Thug in Chief continues to rob from those who produce, and re-distributes to the government welfare class.

Can you see November yet?  I can.

By the way, if I were running for office as a Republican against an incumbent Democrat, I’d find the video tape from CBS News in Milwaukee yesterday, and make a campaign commercial out of Biden’s “no possibility to restore the 8 million jobs lost” statement.  Just loop it over and over until the American people snap out of whatever kool-aid induced spell Obama has them under.

Are you listening Republican Party?  Michael Steele?

Friday, June 25, 2010

When Did Ignorance And Stupidity Become A Point of View?

Democrats Run Wild

Watch as Democrat Milwaukee County supervisor Peggy West of MIlwaukee advocates for the City of Milwaukee to boycott Arizona over SB1070.

Do you think she even bothered to read the bill?

There’s a reason we in Illinois call our neighbors up north “Stupid Cheeseheads.”

Editor’s Note: YouTube has deleted this video at least 5 times now, I’ll just keep re-posting it every time they do.

Obama Knew About Deal With Blago

National Media Continues To Ignore Impeachable Offense

A blockbuster piece of testimony happened yesterday during the Rod Blagojevich corruption trial that went literally unreported by the entire national media, but it made a fairly large splash here in the Chicago media market.

Under oath during trial testimony, Blago’s chief of staff, John Harris stated was in direct negotiations with Rahm Emmanel on behalf of none other than President-Elect Obama to appoint one of Obama’s four choices to Obama’s old Senate seat.  Blagojevich is charged with corruption in trying to “sell” Obama’s old Senate seat after the 2008 Presidential elections.

According to Harris, Obama had a list of four candidates, of which he wanted one appointed complete the term of his Senate seat.  The “list of four” included Valerie Jarrett, one of Obama’s political advisors since his Illinois Legislature day, Tammy Duckworth a former soldier who lost both her legs serving our country, and Illinois State Comptroller Dan Hynes.  Blagojevich wanted US. Rep Jesse Jackson Jr. (the son of the race baiting poverty pimp Jesse Jackson)  after Jackson had committed to holding a “major fundraiser” for Blagojevich.

Many Obama and Jarrett observers think that the two have had an “inappropriate relationship” for a very long time, primarily because of Obama’s insistence that Jarrett was “taken care of” at all points during his political career.  As it turned out, Jarrett withdrew her name from consideration only after the Blagojevich scandal here in Illinois grew. 

On a tape which was played for the jurors in the Blagojevich corruption case Emmanuel can be heard clashing with Blago’s chief of staff John Harris staying that Obama would not support Jackson as a candidate.  A major clash between SEIU President Andy Stern, and Union Leader Tom Balanoff had developed between Blago and Obama on who to appoint.

It was on November 3rd of 2008 that Obama personally called Tom Balanoff to personally lobby for Valerie Jarrett to take his Senate Seat, according to Harris.

Harris went on to say that on November 10th, six days after the Presidential Election he received  a call from John Wyma, an ‘intermediary’ for Emmanuel and Obama again lobbying for Jarrett’s appointment on behalf of Obama, saying “President-elect Barack Obama “would be thankful and appreciative” if Blagojevich would appoint Obama’s friend Valerie Jarrett as Illinois’ new U.S. Senator.”

For those who’ve gotten lost as to whether or not Obama directly or indirectly spoke with Blagojevich on who to appoint to his old Senate Seat to complete his term, and whether or not Blagojevich sought to get anything out of the deal, here’s a clip from David Axelrod on Fox News Chicago (Local Channel 32 in Chicago) in which Axelrod said specifically that Obama and Blagojevich had spoken directly about who his replacement would be:  (1:22 into the clip.)

This wouldn’t be the first example of a quid pro quo between Obama and Blagojevich, politically speaking.

Obama not only endorsed Blagojevich for Illinois Governor in 2002 and 2006, he served as a top advisor to the Blagojevich campaign during his (Obama’s) first run for the Illinois State House.

Obama, Emanuel and former Democrat Party Chariman David Wilhelm were also “co-chairs” for Blagojevich’s 2002 Gubernatorial campaign. 

Emanuel emphasized his role in a New Yorker article earlier this year that he, Obama and Wilhelm “participated in a small group that met weekly when Rod (Blagojevich) was running for governor and basically laid out the election for him.”

This tight-knit band of thieves not only conspired on Blago’s 2002 and 2006 election campaigns, they conspired on who would replace Obama after his miraculous ascendancy to the Presidency of the United States, and further conspired to defraud the people of Illinois of honest government service.

In the summer of 2006 as the investigation into corruption in the Illinois Governor’s office heated up, Obama “doubled down” on his relationship with Blagojevich. 

In an interview with the Chicago Daily Herald in July 2006, then-Sen. Obama said, "I have not followed closely enough what's been taking place in these investigations to comment on them. Obviously I'm concerned about reports that hiring practices at the state weren't, at times, following appropriate procedures. How high up that went, the degree at which the governor was involved, is not something I'm going to speculate on.”

"If I received information that made me believe that any Democrat had not been acting in the public interest, I'd be concerned," Obama said.
That said, Mr. Obama said, "If the governor asks me to work on his behalf, I'll be happy to do it."  Apparently the governor did. At the Illinois State Fair in August 2006, Obama spoke on Blagojevich's behalf:

"We've got a governor in Rod Blagojevich who has delivered consistently on behalf of the people of Illinois," Obama told the crowd.
In January 2007, Blagojevich's office reserved the Old State Capitol for Mr. Obama's presidential announcement at Obama's request.

The link between Obama and Blago is clear by this point.  There is also way more to this story than meets the casual eye, and way more than a quid pro quo going on here.  Obama-Emanuel-Blagojevich-Tony Rezko are part of a corrupt, criminal enterprise that have infested Illinois Politics for decades.  They are but the latest examples of a long string of corruption that has denied the People of Illinois of honest government.

This band of thieves needs to be sent to jail.  All of ‘em.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Make Mine Freedom

Progressives Sense They’re Losing Power, Pulling Out All Stops

It’s not looking pretty for the Democrat “Progressives” come this November’s mid-term elections with most reasonably sane pollsters that haven’t drank the Obama kool-aid predicting massive wins in the House and Senate for Republican’s, and more specifically those who’ve one primary races with the Tea Party’s blessing.

It seems almost daily now I hear the rising level and intensity of concern in my co-workers voices at the office, especially those who voted for Obama.  “We didn’t know he’d do this!” is their most common excuse as they too now recoil in horror at what our country is becoming.

People who’d previously stopped talking to one another over their disagreement of the 2008 election results are now coming back together.  The “I told you so” statements have nearly stopped as those of us who voted against Obama have developed more sympathetic ears towards those who did.  How can we not when we see the same fear in their eyes at what’s happening to our country that we know is in our own?

There’s a growing sense that our freedoms are slipping away, if they haven’t already, and that sense seems to be finally re-uniting what’s left of us reasonably sane, productive members of society.  There’s a growing understanding that it truly is “us against them” - the Federal Government has become the enemy of freedom and seeks to enslave those of us who remain productive members of society to pay for an agenda that at our cores, in our hearts, we know is wrong and reject.

image This problem is not new to our country.  We faced it after World War II at the beginning of the Cold War with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic’s and the creeping advocacy for Communism in our own country. 

This classic cartoon created by Harding College in 1948 warns against the dangers of ISM and the benefits of our economic system, Capitalism.  The parallels between post-war 1948 and today simply cannot be ignored.

Easily recognizable in this cartoon would be modern day Progressive Liberals such as Barack Obama, Union Members, Bankers, Farmers, Laborers – and yes, the Tea Party Movement.

The same promises that were made in 1948 are being made today.  Just a little more of our freedom, and we can live in utopia.

Thankfully our country didn’t buy this snake-oil back then, hopefully it’s not too late to stop this country from buying it now.  The Progressive Liberals know they’re losing power this November, and they’re pulling out all stops to implement the last parts of their agenda which will forever, irreversably change America: “Immigration Reform” and “Cap and Trade.”

Stop them now my friends, or the “ISM” in the cartoon above becomes our reality.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama Now Worst President in History

Overtakes Jimmy Carter 18 Months Into Presidency

The prediction I made on this blog the very day Barack Hussein Obama was elected this country's President has come true.  Obama is now the least popular President in the history of the country.

I told you so, November 4th 2008.

Since Jimmy Carter left office in January of 1981, he's been considered to be the worst President in American history according to poll after poll.  Not any longer. 

A new poll by AHF polling shows that Obama now eclipses Carter as the worst President in history which marks another first for the Obama Administration - the Worst President Ever in their first 18 months.

Make no mistake, Obama's legislative record including health care, TARP, banking take-overs, automobile industry takeovers, union payoff's and bailouts, and a doubling of the National Debt by 2015 have all taken their toll on his "approval" ratings, however there seems to be universal agreement amongst Democrats and Republican's alike that this Administration's handling of the Gulf crisis has been nothing short of disastrous.


Rasmussen which is one of the best polling organizations in America today released nearly the worst results ever for the new President. (See: June 16 – Daily Presidential Tracking Poll and see U.S.E. Polling Center daily for latest polls from all sources.)

Obama’s negative rating hit an all time high of –20, meaning 24% of American’s “strongly approve” of his performance while 44% strongly disapprove.  That’s a hell of a gap and no doubt as the Gulf crisis continues it will continue to get worse.

Nevermind the fact that Obama’s speech from the White House last night was one of the least watched in the history of the country (well, since the advent of Television anyway) his using the crisis as a platform to promote Cap and Trade, increase taxes and push “alternative energy” will do nothing but increase his negatives as more and more of the public is exposed to this communist in chief’s radical extremist agenda.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama The Incompetent

52% Disapprove of handling of Gulf Spill, say worse than Katrina

Minneapolis Star Tribune

The survey found that 52 percent don't approve of Obama's handling of the spill, a significant increase from last month when a big chunk of Americans withheld judgment. A stunning 83 percent disapprove of BP's performance in the aftermath of the explosion that set off the spill. That percentage of Americans disapproving also was a huge jump from May.


Kerry, Lieberman EPA Tax

$1/Day To Stop Global Warming?


President Barack Obama is expected to give the Kerry-Lieberman bill a big push Tuesday night during a prime time speech from the Oval Office, but the measure’s sponsors still have a big fight on their hands if they’re going to have success.

image Senate Democrats are divided over whether to set up a cap-and-trade program dealing with power plants, petroleum refiners and a range of other big industries, while most Republicans see the issue as red meat headed into the mid-term elections.

Editor – Right, this is the same group of “Senators” that estimated ObamaCare to cost less than $1,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) dollars, would save money, jobs and the economy!  We now know what a bunch of bullshit that was now don’t we?


Obama Gives Part of Arizona Back to Mexico

No other conclusion I could think of after watching this … looks like the surrender of Southwestern America to Mexico has begun.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sierra Club Prez: “Obama Best Environmental President Ever”

Worst Ecological Disaster in History Doesn’t Deter Knee-Pad Wearing Supporters

“President Obama is the best environmental president we’ve had since Teddy Roosevelt,” Sierra Club chairman Carl Pope told the Bangor Daily News last week.

The greatest environmental catastrophe in the history of the United States of America is still playing out in the Gulf of Mexico as we pass Day #55, and still Obama refuses to suspend the Jones Law, which prohibits foreign ships from entering the Gulf to assist in clean-up efforts, and Obama has done nothing to reduce Federal Regulations to that Louisiana could help itself by deploying oil boom to protect its own shores.

image For this, the Sierra club proclaims Obama the best environmental President ever?

There’s zero doubt that had this happened under Bush’s watch, the hoots and howls from the Environmentalist Whacko’s would’ve been fast and furious.  They’d be calling Bush the “Oil President” and blamed Halliburton for sabotaging the Deepwater Horizon rig just to get the clean up business.

Clearly, the Environmentalist movement has placed all their eggs in Obama’s basket as there seems to be no end to which these groups will remain silent about criticizing Obama to advance their agenda.

And let’s remember it was Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel that said "never let a good crisis go to waste!”  Here we can easily make the case that Obama clearly wants this disaster to continue for as long as possible.  Why?  Because it advances his “green energy” agenda which needs oil and carbon based energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket” (as he stated in his 2008 campaign) to drive the country towards “green” energy.

This is precisely why the Environmentalist Whacko’s won’t criticize Obama, it advances their agenda too. 

The best environmental President ever?  The sheer hypocrisy of this statement from the Sierra Club just makes me laugh out loud.

If Obama truly wants to know who’s ass to kick, he can start with the Sierra Club’s, who’ve opposed all drilling on land and in shallow water where this hole could’ve been plugged within a day or two, greatly minimizing any environmental damage.  After all, it’s groups like the Sierra Club that oppose drilling for oil in all but the most remote, hard to reach places – like 5,000 feet below the oceans surface, where when a tragedy like this happens there’s no way to fix it.

Thank you Obama, Sierra Club, and the rest of you EnvironMENTAL whacko’s for causing this problem in the Gulf.  You’re the ones ultimately responsible for all the dead fish, birds, and marine life.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday Night News Dump: White House says 51 percent of company health plans won't meet Obamacare guidelines

Obama Lied - Again! You Cannot Keep Your Current Health Care

We can always count on this Administration to dump the bad news on a Friday night when most people aren't paying attention.  Here we go again.

From Sean Higgins and David Hogberg at Investors Busienss Daily (as cited in the Washinton Examiner)

Internal White House documents reveal that 51% of employers may have to relinquish their current health care coverage by 2013 due to ObamaCare. That numbers soars to 66% for small-business employers.

The documents — product of a joint project of the Labor Department, the Health and Human Services Department and the IRS — examine the effects new regulations would have on existing, or “grandfathered,” employer-based health care plans.

Draft copies of the documents were reportedly leaked to House Republicans earlier in the week. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., posted them on his Web site Friday afternoon.  (View the full report here.)

Shock of shocks, even the Associated Press covered this story, I can't believe they didn't ignore it: The dishonesty that was used to sell the health care overhaul:

Over and over in the health care debate, President Barack Obama said people who like their current coverage would be able to keep it.

But an early draft of an administration regulation estimates that many employers will be forced to make changes to their health plans under the new law. In just three years, a majority of workers — 51 percent — will be in plans subject to new federal requirements, according to the draft.

Is anyone surprised to learn that Obama and the Democrats outright LIED to the American people, and continue to do so, in order to "sell" ObamaCare?  By hook or crook, each and every one of us will be forced into government rationed health care unless the Democrats are tossed from power this November, and we elect good Conservative candidates hell bent on repealing this obamanation of a law.

Remember in November!

Obama: "I Can't Suck Up The Oil Spill With A Straw"

Well Mr. Obama, it seems that we the voters now know who's "ass to kick" come this November now don't we? The Bush Administration issued 8 Safety Violations during the building of the Deep Water Horizon.

As your Administration took over, in February of 2009 BP was given "carte blanche" to bring the Deep Water Horizon online "as quickly as possible" by your MMR management. Corners were cut by your Administration, and now we have one of the largest economic and ecological tragedies ever off our own shores.

We know who's ass to kick, Mr. Obama.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Debt To Rise To $19.5 TRILLION Dollars by 2015

Way to go Obama!  Doubled the National Debt all by yourself in less than 4 years!

Consider the fact that the National Debt was under $10 Trillion before Obama assumed office, his Socialist big-government spending has managed to DOUBLE the National Debt forecast in less than two years of his being President.

Change you can believe in alright!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Heading For Double Dip Recession

Former Labor Secretary Gets It Right

I don’t recall ever agreeing with former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert B. Reich before, if I did I’m sure it was a pretty cold day in hell.

But Reich got it exactly right on Friday when he spoke with Money News about the risk of the United States going into a double-dip recession:

“The only reason the economy isn't in a double-dip recession already is because of three temporary boosts: the federal stimulus (of which 75 percent has been spent), near-zero interest rates (which can't continue much longer without igniting speculative bubbles), and replacements (consumers have had to replace worn-out cars and appliances, and businesses had to replace worn-down inventories).” 

“Oh, and, yes, all those Census workers (who will be out on their ears in a month or so).”

As we now know, the Federal Government has been manipulating the unemployment figures by firing and re-hiring Census workers.  In April for example, the Census fired and re-hired more than 400,000 workers, seemingly “boosting” employment and driving the unemployment rate down to 9.7%.

But wait, the Private Sector, the true jobs engine that pays the taxes in this Country, created only 41,000 jobs.   In reality, the Private Sector needs to create at a minimum 100,000 jobs a month just to keep up with population growth.

As Government “supports” such as those “shovel ready” jobs paid for with taxpayer dollars borrowed from China to create make-shift work for U.S. Citizens comes to an end along with subsidies for housing, cars, green energy appliances and the like the economy will assuredly dip back into recession. 

Why is this?  First, Consumers make up more than 70% of all economic activity in this country.  For several years, they were hunkered down focused on paying down on their debt.  They could only go so long without replacing cars and other long term durable goods so the “blip” we’ve seen in manufacturing and consumers returning to spending has really been about manufacturers and stores simply replenishing depleted inventories to minimum levels.  The Consumer is not “back” to drive the economic recovery.

Second, a weak demand for labor continues to drive up the average length of unemployment in this country, that is, the time it takes for a laid off worker to find a new job.  As in past months, the average length of unemployment has hit yet another new high of 39 weeks according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Finally there’s the 600,000+ Census workers that the Federal Government hired in temporary positions but reported as “employed” that will once again hit the unemployment rolls just in time to drive the unemployment rate over 10% in the fall – right before the mid-term elections.

We all know that a growing unemployment rate, weak consumer confidence and a weaker economy spells doom for the Democrats come November.


Daddy, Did You Plug The Hole Yet?

I’ve lost track of the number of days we’ve had oil leaking in the Gulf at this point.  It’s day forty-something as best I know and we still have thousands of barrels of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico with no end in sight.

I simply wanted to remind you that Obama said he was in charge “since day one” according to his speech last week at the White House, so consequently he’s responsible for all the delays in plugging that “damn hole” and all the dead wildlife we’ve seen wash up on the beaches since this whole mess started.

Now ask yourself just who’s to blame for this oil leak?  Is it BP?  The White House?  Minerals Mining Service and their lack of oversight for the Deepwater Horizon Project?

How about President Bush?

The answer: None of the above.  We have the Environmentalist Whacko’s that infest our society and our Government to thank for this.  These are the same people that won’t let us drill anywhere else but a mile underwater in the ocean where we cannot plug a damn’ leak that’s causing all this mess.  If this had happened on land, the leak would’ve been plugged day one or day two at the latest.  Even in shallow water this would’ve been plugged a long time ago.

The fact is these Environmental whacko’s want us all to live naked in caves without heat, electricity or fire to keep us warm to save “Mother Earth.”

Well you bastards have created this situation where the only place America can drill for oil is a mile under the ocean surface so you’re responsible for this mess.  Now take your mother earth and cram her up your asses.

Live WebCam Feeds From Oil Spill Site

Thank You Environmentalists, For Causing This Mess!