Saturday, June 19, 2010

Make Mine Freedom

Progressives Sense They’re Losing Power, Pulling Out All Stops

It’s not looking pretty for the Democrat “Progressives” come this November’s mid-term elections with most reasonably sane pollsters that haven’t drank the Obama kool-aid predicting massive wins in the House and Senate for Republican’s, and more specifically those who’ve one primary races with the Tea Party’s blessing.

It seems almost daily now I hear the rising level and intensity of concern in my co-workers voices at the office, especially those who voted for Obama.  “We didn’t know he’d do this!” is their most common excuse as they too now recoil in horror at what our country is becoming.

People who’d previously stopped talking to one another over their disagreement of the 2008 election results are now coming back together.  The “I told you so” statements have nearly stopped as those of us who voted against Obama have developed more sympathetic ears towards those who did.  How can we not when we see the same fear in their eyes at what’s happening to our country that we know is in our own?

There’s a growing sense that our freedoms are slipping away, if they haven’t already, and that sense seems to be finally re-uniting what’s left of us reasonably sane, productive members of society.  There’s a growing understanding that it truly is “us against them” - the Federal Government has become the enemy of freedom and seeks to enslave those of us who remain productive members of society to pay for an agenda that at our cores, in our hearts, we know is wrong and reject.

image This problem is not new to our country.  We faced it after World War II at the beginning of the Cold War with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic’s and the creeping advocacy for Communism in our own country. 

This classic cartoon created by Harding College in 1948 warns against the dangers of ISM and the benefits of our economic system, Capitalism.  The parallels between post-war 1948 and today simply cannot be ignored.

Easily recognizable in this cartoon would be modern day Progressive Liberals such as Barack Obama, Union Members, Bankers, Farmers, Laborers – and yes, the Tea Party Movement.

The same promises that were made in 1948 are being made today.  Just a little more of our freedom, and we can live in utopia.

Thankfully our country didn’t buy this snake-oil back then, hopefully it’s not too late to stop this country from buying it now.  The Progressive Liberals know they’re losing power this November, and they’re pulling out all stops to implement the last parts of their agenda which will forever, irreversably change America: “Immigration Reform” and “Cap and Trade.”

Stop them now my friends, or the “ISM” in the cartoon above becomes our reality.

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