Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama The Incompetent

52% Disapprove of handling of Gulf Spill, say worse than Katrina

Minneapolis Star Tribune

The survey found that 52 percent don't approve of Obama's handling of the spill, a significant increase from last month when a big chunk of Americans withheld judgment. A stunning 83 percent disapprove of BP's performance in the aftermath of the explosion that set off the spill. That percentage of Americans disapproving also was a huge jump from May.


Kerry, Lieberman EPA Tax

$1/Day To Stop Global Warming?


President Barack Obama is expected to give the Kerry-Lieberman bill a big push Tuesday night during a prime time speech from the Oval Office, but the measure’s sponsors still have a big fight on their hands if they’re going to have success.

image Senate Democrats are divided over whether to set up a cap-and-trade program dealing with power plants, petroleum refiners and a range of other big industries, while most Republicans see the issue as red meat headed into the mid-term elections.

Editor – Right, this is the same group of “Senators” that estimated ObamaCare to cost less than $1,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) dollars, would save money, jobs and the economy!  We now know what a bunch of bullshit that was now don’t we?


Obama Gives Part of Arizona Back to Mexico

No other conclusion I could think of after watching this … looks like the surrender of Southwestern America to Mexico has begun.

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