Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sierra Club Prez: “Obama Best Environmental President Ever”

Worst Ecological Disaster in History Doesn’t Deter Knee-Pad Wearing Supporters

“President Obama is the best environmental president we’ve had since Teddy Roosevelt,” Sierra Club chairman Carl Pope told the Bangor Daily News last week.

The greatest environmental catastrophe in the history of the United States of America is still playing out in the Gulf of Mexico as we pass Day #55, and still Obama refuses to suspend the Jones Law, which prohibits foreign ships from entering the Gulf to assist in clean-up efforts, and Obama has done nothing to reduce Federal Regulations to that Louisiana could help itself by deploying oil boom to protect its own shores.

image For this, the Sierra club proclaims Obama the best environmental President ever?

There’s zero doubt that had this happened under Bush’s watch, the hoots and howls from the Environmentalist Whacko’s would’ve been fast and furious.  They’d be calling Bush the “Oil President” and blamed Halliburton for sabotaging the Deepwater Horizon rig just to get the clean up business.

Clearly, the Environmentalist movement has placed all their eggs in Obama’s basket as there seems to be no end to which these groups will remain silent about criticizing Obama to advance their agenda.

And let’s remember it was Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel that said "never let a good crisis go to waste!”  Here we can easily make the case that Obama clearly wants this disaster to continue for as long as possible.  Why?  Because it advances his “green energy” agenda which needs oil and carbon based energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket” (as he stated in his 2008 campaign) to drive the country towards “green” energy.

This is precisely why the Environmentalist Whacko’s won’t criticize Obama, it advances their agenda too. 

The best environmental President ever?  The sheer hypocrisy of this statement from the Sierra Club just makes me laugh out loud.

If Obama truly wants to know who’s ass to kick, he can start with the Sierra Club’s, who’ve opposed all drilling on land and in shallow water where this hole could’ve been plugged within a day or two, greatly minimizing any environmental damage.  After all, it’s groups like the Sierra Club that oppose drilling for oil in all but the most remote, hard to reach places – like 5,000 feet below the oceans surface, where when a tragedy like this happens there’s no way to fix it.

Thank you Obama, Sierra Club, and the rest of you EnvironMENTAL whacko’s for causing this problem in the Gulf.  You’re the ones ultimately responsible for all the dead fish, birds, and marine life.

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