Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama Now Worst President in History

Overtakes Jimmy Carter 18 Months Into Presidency

The prediction I made on this blog the very day Barack Hussein Obama was elected this country's President has come true.  Obama is now the least popular President in the history of the country.

I told you so, November 4th 2008.

Since Jimmy Carter left office in January of 1981, he's been considered to be the worst President in American history according to poll after poll.  Not any longer. 

A new poll by AHF polling shows that Obama now eclipses Carter as the worst President in history which marks another first for the Obama Administration - the Worst President Ever in their first 18 months.

Make no mistake, Obama's legislative record including health care, TARP, banking take-overs, automobile industry takeovers, union payoff's and bailouts, and a doubling of the National Debt by 2015 have all taken their toll on his "approval" ratings, however there seems to be universal agreement amongst Democrats and Republican's alike that this Administration's handling of the Gulf crisis has been nothing short of disastrous.


Rasmussen which is one of the best polling organizations in America today released nearly the worst results ever for the new President. (See: June 16 – Daily Presidential Tracking Poll and see U.S.E. Polling Center daily for latest polls from all sources.)

Obama’s negative rating hit an all time high of –20, meaning 24% of American’s “strongly approve” of his performance while 44% strongly disapprove.  That’s a hell of a gap and no doubt as the Gulf crisis continues it will continue to get worse.

Nevermind the fact that Obama’s speech from the White House last night was one of the least watched in the history of the country (well, since the advent of Television anyway) his using the crisis as a platform to promote Cap and Trade, increase taxes and push “alternative energy” will do nothing but increase his negatives as more and more of the public is exposed to this communist in chief’s radical extremist agenda.

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Dirk said...

And there is now legislation pending introduced by Comrade Joe Lieberman, that would give Comrade Obama the power to shut down the Internet at will.


Washington enjoyed obscurity for their legislative activities in Congress and all the crooked deals in the White House until the Internet. Washington doesn't like it & never has, because now ALL the information including COMPLETE texts of pending legislation are out there for everyone to see. They desperately want their obscurity back.