Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget

Remembering Those Lost On September 11th, 2001


As American's, we must never forget the Muslim Islamic terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.  To do so would diminish the distinctly human value of the lives lost on that day, and I believe in my heart of hearts that America is a bigger country than that.

Whatever problems besiege us today, we simply must remember what happened that day and put it in its proper context. To fail to do so would mean the lives lost on that day were in vain, and history would be doomed to repeat itself.  We must honor our sacred responsibility as American's to never allow that to happen.

On that tragic day, we were attacked by Muslim Islamic Fundamentalists who seek to destroy us, our culture and our way of life.  They seek to impose their will on us, by force.  These same Muslim Islamic Fundamentalists today pose as "moderate" Muslims and use our laws against us in our own country in their attempts to impose their will upon us by force of threat.  I speak of the "mosque" at Ground Zero.

What is lost on our "politicians" and the liberal lamestream media is the fact that where ever muslims believe they have won a 'war' in a foreign land they build a mosque.  It's their victory flag in America that they seek to plant.  We must never allow that to happen and we must hold those 'politicians' and other government bureaucrats that seek to allow it to happen accountable by voting them out office. 

Worldwide, muslims are "offended" that we as American's are speaking out against this 'mosque' at Ground Zero.  Speaking out against a wrong is our God given American right and we will exercise it vigorously.  Just as so-called 'moderate' muslims claim they have a 'right' to build a mosque at ground zero, we American's have a right given by God and our United States Constitution to speak out against this abomination of a 'mosque' on what we consider to be sacred ground.

Frankly, I'm offended that our 'politicians' seemingly give preferential treatment to a religion that stones a woman to death after she has been raped.  Why should I care about offending such a backwards 7th century 'religion' that stones the victim of a crime to death while allowing her rapist to go free?

Similarly, I'm offended by a 'pastor' that calls himself a "Christian" who acts so provocatively to draw attention to himself by promoting the burning of the book of another 'religion.'  What purpose does this serve?  Is this what Jesus would do?

And why is the liberal lamestream media focusing on the irresponsible actions of a so-called 'pastor' and not paying any attention to the actions of muslims world-wide that have been burning Christian Bibles, beheading non-muslims and recently burning and trampling on the American flag?  Could it be because it doesn't suit their Christian hating liberal agenda?

All these things have cluttered my mind the last few days, and as today approached I realized I was beginning to lose sight of what happened that day, September 11th, 2001.  All these things from the 'mosque' at ground zero, quran burnings in Florida and flag burning in Afghanistan are distractions designed to take away from the meaning of today and I've decided I'll have none of it.

So today I ask you to join me in putting all these things aside for today, and focus on the events of that day.  For me that means putting up my flag at the break of dawn, a day of prayer, and tearfully acknowledging the lives lost that day.  

Those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it. 

Never Forget.

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