Monday, September 6, 2010

Doubling Down On A Failed Economic Policy

Unions Biggest Beneficiary of New “Stimulus”

There can no longer be any doubt that Barack Hussein Obama has in effect “doubled down” on what we all now know as a failed Keynesian economic policy.

Throwing another $50,000,000,000 onto the debt and deficit, Obama rewards his most staunch supporters – Unions – with a blatant payout before the mid-term elections.

Of course none of these road or bridge projects will actually begin before the mid-term elections but that’s not the point anyway.  The point is that Obama needs his core support – Unions – to turn out en masse on voting day and he’s paying them to do it with our hard earned tax dollars.

4rde04Blaming the problem on Republican’s doesn’t wash with the American  public anymore – the Democrats have controlled spending since 2006 and the tripling of our deficit and additional $4 Trillion in debt can be demonstrably laid at their doorstep.

For all the Democrats protestations that George W. Bush “ran the economy into the ditch”, the reality is during the Bush years we enjoyed a historic low 4.5% unemployment rate.  In 20 short months as President, Obama and the Democrats have more than doubled the unemployment rate sending millions of Americans out of work.

Millions more will lose their jobs before this, the worst Presidency in history is over, just over two very long years from now.

We do however have something to be thankful for, and that’s Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats are about to lose Congress for a generation, which hopefully should be enough time to clean this mess up.

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