Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Battle Lines Are Drawn: American's vs. Republicans & Democrats

Tea Party Victories Last Night Rock Republican "Establishment"

 While the Republican Establishment threatens to not back the Tea Party candidates that won handily in numerous primaries last night, let the message of the Tea Party be clear:

 We Know Who The Enemy Is, It's The Washington Political Establishment.

And that my friends includes both Democrats and Republicans.

The Republican Party in Delaware are threatening to pull support from Christine O'Donnel, uspet that their establishment liberal RINO lost his seat, and a political career that spanned more than 40 years for Mike Castle has ended.

I say this to the New Hampshire Republican Party and the National Republican Party: do it at your own peril.  As the Tea Party gains strength you either become a target or you learn to vote for the Conservative candidates for a change.  We're no longer holding our noses voting for RINO's and that should be damn' clear by now.

Get out of our way, or get run over.  That's what happens to critters that live in the "middle of the road."

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